posted on May 30, 2008 at 10:04 pm

one cup of diced dices
one teaspoonful of steel
one pot of luck
one green bottle hanging on a wall
one empty place
one little box of angelfruit
two surprise packets
a pinch of a small childs cheek
three shakes of a mermaids tail
a list of wishes
half a jar of snakemilk
add numbers as desired
stir in some trouble
deadmans tears if required
more vodka?
take away the fruit you first thought of
sing something to the mixture
look out the window…has your neighbour gotta new car?
think about your cousin sam for a while
how are your nails?
throw in some gossip for fibre
simmer simmer!!
milk it for all its worthwhile
let off some steam with the “boys”
let it dwindle
let it cool its heels
chuck it in
throw in the towel
desiccate your banana lovingly
slice the ball
chop up some tape
heat seeking missile
warm day
put crims in the deep freeze
sizzle your zolt
prime your rib
protect your flanks
cream your fat
spice up your life
add tomato source
prepare salad, dressing
silence screaming carrots
bludgeon the turnips
say goodbye to the swedes
froth up the bubbles
tickle the woofle
topple the commies
any sprinkle ?
drizzle caramel on the wet streets
lashings of whipped sailors
fire your oven
turn on the world
shimmer your crackle
undo your men you
fry your brains with a little acid
cook your own goose
hoisted on your own lightly basted petard
tremble with awe
add the adders
fricker, see the southern chick N
do your block
throw a tanty
throw in an extra track
dont burn the ice
dont let the tiny sausage fizzle out
remember to grease the colander
two drips of lemon deuce
turn circle to 360 degrees
some icing, sugar
im home honey
does it taste, tart?
drop in the thingies
serve your master
serve your self
serve the net
garnish their wages
use sulk n paper if needed
wrap about injustices
good for nightclaps or pick nicks
unavailable in butt, a scotch
avoid broken blenders
use only free strange eggs
use your time wisely
time being recommends only time being products
time being cooks with non aluminum pot
time being stays at time being hotels
time being appears courtesy time being gore-may inc
time being flies trans ttb
time being likes to mention his own name
products supplied by mitry bros n. bondi
russell kilbey appears courtesy of doctor hegyi
owen money appears to bee broke
captain cook a sandwich island
spear n arrow mint, jamesy
satan recommends devil foods cake products or “go to hell”
never eat or mock duckling puig
doodles should be served raw
bon apetite!

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