posted on January 10, 2008 at 10:48 pm

dear fiends and children of the knight
last nite a moving moving show
kev carmody that wonderful man….
everyone in tears
i was first to see kev in his dressing room after standing ovation
we just hugged and i cried…yes i did
i am only beginning to understand…..
understand what it could mean to him
a vindication
an aboriginal ghandi
a non violent man of gentle means
a river of tears 200 years
sk now has more invites to go visit
and hang out with these guys
stories of shape shifters and file snakes
stories of aboriginal bands playing unguarded moment
oh these people without guile
friendly generous
they go on forgiving even as the odds stack up
everybody in show fantastic
i had a slight glitch to my start
when my cue was repeated twice
i just stood there in front of 2500 people
like a spare prick at a prostitutes wedding
but then when i get to sing
i nail it
images of fucking london
kev has seen the dark satanic mills up close
that capital of strife and upheaval
and i turn it around to suit my purposes
i take his black words
spit them out of my white mouth
these images of london…these illusions
these people who lived here before us
they were something special
they had a depth we can barely even understand existed
they care nothing for materialism
kev’d give ya his last ten bucks n not even think about it
whatta cryin’ shame
and the english
we totally fucking ruined it
im confused
i dont know
its a huge topic
its beyond my sphere
but last night
we struck a blow
swallowed our differences
we rocked for reconciliation
we honoured kev
and we honoured what he stands for
and we, as musicians, in our own way
we did what we could
thats all you can do
isnt it?

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