posted on March 30, 2008 at 9:23 am

things expand as they get warmer
matter compressed until it moves inward
the stones talk to me
down by the seashore
when vishnu says everything is connected
he means everything
he doesnt mean except the rocks
or except the cows and pigs and sheep
or except these guys n those guys
so i say again
the stones i hold in my hand
a whole beach of stones
clean mineral spirit
it vibrates so slowly
so heavy it has no consciousness our “science” can measure
two heart shape stones
carrying in the weird night
night of screams
night of probes
night of disappearance
night of sickness and anxiety
night catches me out running
lost lost lost
i am erskine again
that poor old magician
with his cloak and his wand
crying out to the unfamiliar stars
stones comfort me i command them
time being stilled
a hush upon both worlds
the waves congealed as they crashed
the moon waxed green and seasick
the clouds crashed into each other with audible screams
the treespirits huddled deep in the wood
down in the tangled bramble
moving along the vines like telegraph lines
like music gushing from a trumpet
like messages from the front
i duck and fight my invisible assailants
the stones in my hands guide my fists in the darkness
a crows horrible groan
something sinks its filthy teeth into me
you fucking bastard i say as bring the largest stone down
on its hideous head
its blood stinks to high heaving
the evil rotten thing
the moon shines for a second
i see with horror i have bashed my doppelganger senseless
erskine has bashed me senseless
i am bitten as i lash out wildly
the plants swim around me like eels
i know i am awake this can be no dream
i walk towards the nearest light
i limp like a dog licking my wounds
i am the animal i fear most
the stones pulse in my clawed hands
the humans hunt me down
the aliens chase me down
the lions and tigers eat me up
the cute fishies nibble at my gills
i dont want to end up in this tank
my filter has clogged up
nothing getting through
the stones talk with each other
they speak slow
a hundred years per word
my impatience is inflamed
infrared stones
see everything
do nothing
at all

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