posted on February 4, 2010 at 7:31 am

warm afternoon
new pink shrub gains foothold
port jackson fig green n leafy
raindrops keep falling
on my head a crown of cloud
at my feet a meeting of the rivers
black panther lying asleep at my side
the focus tightens
the subject moves
incredible shape shifting music starts up all around
we cut up guitars and from their seeds come ukuleles
and baby wo-mandolins
even sand is wildly fertile
the dunes sprout the egress and the lyre
the rumbling sea provides the nascent foam
and out rolls that cute little aphrodite
and her retinue of nymph o’maniacs
the trees are a buzz of the long dead bees
and the ponds are a blur of the long gone frogs
but no that is the future i keep remembering
those are the voices of the dead i hear in the empty corridor
these are shapes yet never to ever come
things that ought n ought not
wine yes drink yourself into your pleasant stupor
clothed in leaves you leave your clothes
the grey afternoon caresses your calves
the grey afternoon tugs at the snake
the grey afternoon seeps into the crack
the grey afternoon is found balled up in a fork
precious doves alight in flame
the cherubim is a man/woman/bird/thing
eat your delicious teeth
please dont handle the fruit
make your selection before opening
a woodland creature does the tigris bop
a faun at dawn wriggles on euphrates drops
with a spurned fawn and goldie n silver horn
marc is there too our wonderful brownskin man
and merry old jehovah
(for t’is He….!)
i am zeus
i am jupiter
i am woden
i am allah
i am ammon
i am i am not
i am He who am the only one!
you see
everybody just wants to get down
krishna on flute
chiron the centaur horses around saying hay you hay you
the gorgon arrives turning the guests into stoners
the great dragon Avarice is conjured by the secret controllers
the moon has been sold off…its official
donald (no) trumps signed the deal yesterday pacific time 13.13
the moon has been towed off to house a new radar station
it has been bought by a consortium of merchant bankers
please adjust your calenders now
full moons will be charged on a per view basis
february has been contracted yet again despite cooling off period
aurora lights up
eve eats her apple
scarlet is left in the red
the afternoon is tangible
it tickles your vain fancy
it relieves itself slowly emptying into a stormy night
the electrons in my negative ions are going bada bing bing bing
zing went the strings of my harp
ping went my empires engine
something was pinging like a voice singing
thats all thats it
all over
every bit

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