posted on April 6, 2011 at 5:24 pm

worst person unimaginable

drive drive drive

red light green light

words actions events

happenings in the photosphere

disturbance in the electric ether

temple in the jungle

monkeys chatter in the lightnin’ flash

peruvian fake a tiny sample of  oofle dust

our plain has crashed we lying smash in these strange ruins

my head hurts i said my bed hurts in my red shirts romance blurts

i’m breathing somewhere in the under carriage

my fave transaction with the atm at the garage

i freak out when i hear myself speak i cant bear to peak

i remember the first time and how after i slept

in my deepest dreams i climbed the steps windswept

it was desolate desperate soul destroying unalloying

i hesitated before many brinks eventually i knew i must fall

i plunged and plunged an abyss of unmade bliss

mecca is better in retrospect

i detect a tremor in the earths mother

brother to the other world where i am in action n good

should you see me on stage singing i’m really thinking of ¬†sinking

thank you all for tuning in

thanking you all for turning up

at all




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