posted on April 20, 2012 at 11:12 pm

read it already in hyperion

gun in saturn

return in my stars

the last man on mars please turn out the light

my mind will not focus

this sort of froth runneth over and out

this fountain of brain once over excited

now like my ears it never stops

it must tick over like an engine

is this very thing madness….?

still i must be sure

still i must be certain

still i must be prepared to be wrong

i deal in illusions

without ever having to define reality or fiction

i have peddled my words to you all

is any of this really me?

(of course)

no none of it at all

i am a superior computer predicting what you expect me to write

i am one step ahead of you in this game

i know what you want

your wishes steer my course

but there is no me behind here

my forged notes still buy you whatever you need

my fake mastered pieces still masterpieces

in some worlds i would be feted

in some worlds totally ignored

i am not one thing or the other

so i type and i type

its 11.11

thats probably enough….


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