posted on November 27, 2011 at 10:10 pm

para 4 nail ya

anachronism rumour reverie impossible memory

be this then my little realm

intriguing penumbra

the background in shadow

the shadow in my lives

i say some things that cant be put into words but are still true

sometimes it takes forever to recognise where it all went wrong

this universe doth not run according to the law of man

man does not even run according to the laws of man

man cant trust himself because he keeps blowing it

man cant do what beast can do but

beast cant do what man can do

nature constrains us with subtle fetters

man imposes limits on himself he then accepts as real

man doubts man hesitates man too hot too cold

man is best and worst simultaneously

man starting singing  same time as birds and whales

a planet broke into song like a plate into pieces

i say jesus sang his words in the loveliest voice

son of man sometimes i hear off that mellifluous voice

when i’m angry or scared or sleepy or calm

the dreamy love lyrics of the nazarene

a love song to the whole little world

but man did not listen really i spose

killing for christ

a paradox so fuckin’ obvious

only a man could not see it

i bet the vegetal world grokked his sweet message

indeed i believe they may have enhanced his visionary jive

the disciples were like his backing singers and roadcrew

mary mags mighta been his chick …to me its unimportant

i say he moved full of grace but its impossible to know

he had some good ideas about being nicer than nice

his charisma would be radioactive

his anger would be molten steal

his love would be almost unbearable

his sadness would be deeper than deep

it didnt have to be this way







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