posted on August 8, 2007 at 5:18 am

unless you really believe
rudy neuman(n):
pulling the strings all these years
a conspiracy of corrupt bankers
giving us the wars we had to have
those blueblood honchos dictating from their ivory ivied towers
fixing the race
calling the shots
hanging in the back
pushing you into the fray
afraid themselves
afraid of themselves and us
their high and lonely destiny it was
to meddle in the affairs of the riff raff
and to keep us happily enslaved
to their fucked up paradigm
they invent and dole out diseases and cures
they dream up reasons for us to fight
theyre not fighting
they never did
why should they?
they gave us our pasture
we graze happily
they feed us and harvest as they need to
yes you know the bunch im talking about
people in high places
they gave us television
and then they filled it with brainwashing soap operas
they let you drink drink drink
but suppress the smoking of the herb
why is that?
because the herb lets you see the hilarity of the whole she-bang
then you become what they call “amotivational”
which means you aint buying in to their bullshit quite so easily
nothing like the herb to tilt your perspective
until you understand the great fake society
and the joke it is all based on
history will judge us hilarious
the herb can see it right now
next they take away the lsd and mushrooms etc
these also interfere with programming of the sheep
in the 60s citizens of the u.s. were virtually deemed unamerican
and had long jail sentences for using these substances
because why?
theyre bad for us?
they are so bad that its better to go to jail than to take them?
a “free” society
taking lsd was tantamount to some kinda spiritual treachery
just like not supporting the tragic vietnamese war
like you werent on your own side
classic propaganda!
but what was at the heart of this fear of the hallucinogenics
a realization that every now and then
the people taking them
would stumble upon rare and beautiful thoughts
and suddenly
not only was this whole thing hilarious
but it was transparent and glowing
it was filled with this stuff called love
love was life
and life was in love with love and life
and it brought motion from the stillness
and it brought sound into the silence
and it permeated matter
and it was invisible and almost not there
unable to be measured
it defied itself
and everything sprang into being
and then everything else
and you sit by the shores of a gentle lake
and the ripples flow towards you
and you feel the even handed ness of the water
its simple geometric grace
its flowing uncurling elegance
the sun runs along each round rim of the wavelets
the sand flashes gold glints as it dances beneath the surface
the ripples
the sand
the water
the sky
its all moving to this same doo-dah
i dont know what to call it
rhythm i suppose
but there was no real sound
except the soft percussive lapping of the lake
and the reeds are bouncing to the rhythm too
you can see that now
the reeds and the birds
theyre all locked into this thing
how was it you never noticed before?
you start to smile
why are you smiling?
why are you grinning from ‘ere to ‘ear?
because you realise
what do you realise?
it cant be put in one sentence
its a million books look
and to take it one line at a time
will diminish its splendour
but think
unified field
whatever that means to you in your heart
who cares what your brain will say now
unified field
the ripples
the sand in motion
suspended as if by magic
the golden flashes of tiny microns
the dreamy aqua colour of the water itself
the reeds are swaying in time
their heads bob and imply sentience
its all sentient
the herons hang in the sky
their wings beat like bass drums
boom boom boom in the liquid air
the great birds
animated by life herself
these perfect flying creatures with free will
cruising the skyways as man and wife
diving like darts into the lake
their feathers marvellously engineered to keep out water
as well as to facilitate their movement thru thin air
the herons are miracles of loving design
and they are supposed to be flying exactly there
right now
and you truly understand
the life/love that has orchestrated this little scene
for your benefit
and anyone else too
who had but eyes to listen
and ears to see
no thats no mistake
because you realise the sounds have colours
and the colours are all making sounds
this folds in on itself so delightfully
that you take a whole second
to become lost in its myriad mazes
and you smile
because you understand
and also because you see
youre included in this equation
youre a cog in the mechanism
you put your finger in the lake
and your ripples rush out to join the incoming ones
and you see youre sposed to be here
youre sposed to part of this
theres a deep reason meaning
and everythings ok
its all in balance
the natural world in tune
satori must be something like this

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