posted on September 30, 2008 at 1:36 am

easy to get lost
harder to get found
today is tomorrows yesterday
time is a trick
nobody knows what they or anybody else is thinking
an allegory
stuff just happens sometimes
one mans meaning is another mans nonsense
look out for the worms
time, deal me a day
gimme another
lend me a minute then
hey you know me
i’ll fucking pay ya back
(how embarrassing….!)
no credit…?
i dont ……
but this three score n ten business….
no margin in it for me
no temperate corridor
no way out
many ways in
a one way night
time wont return my calls
time treats me like fool
time got some much younger friends now
time is so generous to them
and they are so generous with their time
i remember a minute took a week
and youd get a leap year laid on ya
just like that
go in the clock shop
he says no time left here
my stop watch wont stop
my timer is gone all rapido
no no no
this cant be happening
a film of dust
a film of tears
a film of sand n snow
a circus of mad clowns
a baying mob
a glitch in continuity
a gap in the clouds
a monstrous insult
a harrowing hell hound
i look at my face
that cant be me
spring curdles in the air
seven times nine
is it worth your while
it’ll take about halfen hour
meet me by the station
i’ll have plenty on me
you’ll know me by my halo
the weeds are blooming
why are they prettier than the flowers?
i miss italy
i miss carthage
i miss the moon
i’m just some jim-jim
i’m just some surveyor
i’m just about done here
its over
enter return

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