posted on June 4, 2012 at 9:44 pm

home word bound

i descended from the misty clouds which were ripped over the city

city of money city of crime city of wondrous things

things go better with power and money

winter a small hick up  in a long summer forever

the moon shadowed by a dwarf

rain so soft so invisible is it even there?

no you are walking through maya

warmth dreaminess i plunge into delicious darkness

falling flailing failing framed against forevers

spirits disembark the planes

pass out into the nights

the many nights of fresh storm

storms come and they blow away leaving only day

days come peopled in song that get sung by the throng at the end of the song

song of the people working star fields

fields of the heroes held onto the throne

thrown to the wolves the lamb has endured

lamb of this world world of this time

time of our forefathers time of our distance

we appear at entrances bound for outside

oh the night outside is blossomed with lights

the lights in the windows the lights in the sky

and chimney stacks jostle midst chrome and glass spheres

the black past humbles the silvery future

the night slides by like knife into butter

the night glides by like a travelling cheat

that glides beneath you and between your minds

the minds you never made up left behind

i sing then of sisyphus who shoulders the stone

and tantalus strung out in hades alone

man i sing the song of the clumsy ninja

boy i sing the song of the magicians nephew

foolish things for more foolish things

experimenting in profound things no one could understand

the night has wings its wings sing of the white night

white under lights yonder on city

city which crouches erect through the rain

a beautiful horror it glows and diffuses

the warm paradise a beckon too fast

a puddle a footstep a roar in the quietness

a slip a trap a tumble a learn

a tremor a fountain a merry go round a rosy oh baby

this is the place this is the turn

this is return eternal burn


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