posted on October 2, 2010 at 10:55 pm


in the whirling dark

the created world hewn from nothingness

planet from the rib of star

sun a spark of god

the seeming fertile within the fire

the jumpabout metallurgy  of  law of attractions

that was true but it isnt anymore

yes the truth has been bent its been sent to perplex us

doesnt seem to be just one thing

i mean what would i know what i mean

falling backwards out of a dream

immunity wishes granted

the earth is a great idea actualised

oh yes well done

the steppes the plains the wild antelopes and mountain lions

the rivers the banks the clouds the golden carp

it all came out of nowhere apparently

god out of the machine

a series of parallels

in this world we’re happy

in that world we come apart

stress screams in machine language

the bridges groan

the engines whine

the concrete whispers

the steel works

ying yawns

yang bangs

the great aegyptian age begins shortly

the ritual sacrifice the virtual artifice

ra in lambent glory

baby can you dig this crazy cosmology

pyramid amid the valley of the kings

nefertiti into confetti as she wed sun and sat

a serpent cracks this globe

we probe the extremes of thebes and capri

imagine nero stabbed and arrowed

the empress murdered in her dreams

the barges sail up the tigris

the sailboats up the euphrates

the blue crane wheels overhead like some angel

the reeds rub together in the wind creating music

the strings vibrate in harmony the coincidence not unnoticed

the orbits are effortless

the creatures all rise and fall

the moon pulls upon the sea

the sea laps the lands limbs

the land has landed in a field

the field has fielded the following flowers

foxglove forget me not  mandrake root n angelfruit

the residue is almost undetectable

the denial


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