posted on March 5, 2007 at 11:44 pm

i played lassa nite at basement
here in syddley
it was ok
i dunno
i musta dmit
that im looking forward to electric again
im a bit acousticked out
glad that europe will be fully electric
we had that lovely singer
inga liljestrom sing with us lassanite
seek out her elk records
or listen to her on hi fi mike
shes got a unique voice
a really warped and warping voice
powerful lyrics
what are you waiting for?
did i see that peter pogcaste has shed a bit of avoirdupois
or is it my dimming eyes?
good work peter!
yeah rocknrolls a funny kettle of beasts
sometimes i think to myself
nevets what are you doing
poncing about
treading the boards
at your age
plucking the bass
and intoning your syllables
a string of syllables attached to vague notes
oscillating at different frequencies
homophonic transmission straight to thy heart
the nature of songs
the way the words n music fill in for each other
how much do ya wanna know about this song
this song of songs
sing songs
work songs
love love love song
and bless your heart
your heart of steel
songs to make it rain
songs like mass in b minor
songs like islands of the dead
songs like vapour trail
songs like kanga roo
songs like scarborough fair
songs have made me what i am
imagine a world silent without song
song you are luxury and necessity
beautiful songs
oh music
heavenly orkestras
angels jammin’
a thousand patti hoods stroking their harps
down below
the devil is grooving with his bass guitar
boom boom bam bam
big fat roundwound strings zing n boom
against the mahogany fretboard
ooh satan see him slur his e into an f and back again
oh watch him slide down n hammer on
be bop blip blap chooga chooga splamm!
and the angels they can hear that deep riff
rumbling deep in the abyss
a hot new underground nightclub
for sinners
yeah music everywhere
the rustling leaves
the stormy sea pounds the shore
like a lover hurling itself again n again
cymbal crashes n surges
foamy rush of love
one huge song
a song about the vastness of a drop of water
a song about the minute ocean
about the blackness of space
and the still movement of the stars
well thats enough
i reckon

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