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sono lui poiche siete me e siamo insieme tutti

the truth had come early for mr curtis jericho

earlier than the earliest worm he thought liquidly

nobody really knows who theyre fucking with

nobody really knows how far to the next knight

yeah i should have dotted my queues and crossed my eyes

i should have read the fine prince i should have listened to my fingers

idiots and philistines and oafs and buffoons

these are a few of my favourite nongs

you are what you eat

you eat dead meat

what are you?

harpies and hags and bimbos and bags so what?

my bass guitar doesnt weep it fucking sobs

my beard rocks more than all the hair in metaldom

my calves feed in the holy valley on the freshest sweetest honeys

my songs sung in the olden times by loki and by set

my words found in the ether that some alien forget

my sorrow that i cant explain but neither do regret

my arcane discoveries linking strangest points

my preposterous prophecies which all none true

i have studied things in more detail but always on a blurry slant

thats what wrong said curtis jericho in the middle of his rant

the women in my universe do not listen to the men

the men look at the women and they see a hen

they tried to change old jericho they tried to blow me down

a moon bitch with her stud dog in the boxers dressing gown

that girl in wales who married me in swansea in a trance

she vanished in a slight pause in the swooning wedding dance

the virgin slut of winter who fell right through the ice

she said the cold was rather soothing and it felt quite nice

that stupid one who fell apart by being so together

smoking whitest widow and sometime purple heather

i’d turned back into me again and said goodbye for ever

curtis my boy i said to myself

you look pale around the gills

your fins are bent and steer you wrong

here take your moody pills

a whole episode of your life goes by

a whole new chapter for a book you can never hack out

my story can never be told in words

i tell it in the songs that i sing

no jericho says a voice in a room

a room in a skull in a tomb in a rack

i ran all the way says a voice made of dust

heaven is full and theyre sending em back


go jericho says a voice in the east

the east of the sun and a beast in the sack

here is your candy here is your wine

here is three points but only one line

the devil of good

the evil divine

i  tempt you with crime then i give you the fine

i dont dream of a world where everythings right

i dream of a world full of lust every night

i dream of a world full of women and drugs

absent of days absent of thugs

absent of anything but pleasure in flesh

god i the spark that slips through the mesh

god i the wilderness as david doth kneel

god i the presence of clandestine feel

inside every moment inside every seed

inside every fix inside every feed

a superior lake madder than a hatter

my intelligence out there and picking up chatter

matter is blind my mind isnt matter

but mind over matter well that is a mother

the mother is farther away to the child

in sparta they left me to die in the wild

in athens i looked like a prick in my armour

in venus wings they say  i’d be quite the bird charmer

in atlantis my chambers my harem my beauties

what a shame to go down with all of them cuties

in fucking lemuria on my conjugal pontoon

that stretched out my pleasure through warm afternoon

as lovely sea creatures swam the lagoon

but holidays end and life is too soon

back to some january back to some june

back to some may may make you immune

yes said a scientist interpreting runes

the vikings were covering one of your tunes

thats impossible curtis said

how could that be?

i dont let the people sing them for free

you already been paid ! said the ham in the rolls

we collected your royalties from the mongols and poles

your czechs in the mail their kings of yore wore

a hole full of water…? well……youre a bore

and frankly dear jericho love is a whore

a crooked old hooker a right hook to the jaw

i could go on all night if perchance you dream more

no shut up i said ‘fore i saw through the floor

the accomplice is willing to tell what she saw

that night under paris on top of a moor

they took away everything and gave you what for

and just like this planet with its hot moulting core

and just like  reality i open a door

i go into a darkness the dead dread in awe

an orwellian vortex a kafkaesque purge

i exist in a place where love and hate merge

on your hardest shoulder

on your softest verge

with every whisper of eternity deleted

and every threat and all vows completed

with horses snorting and riders unseated

the lion fucking roared and the fucking lamb bleated

your flame is all frozen your arctic too heated

i hope i am there when your punishments meted

out in the deserts and voids you have fated

and all of the waiting and all of the waited

waiter he said my bread has been baited

just listen he said…so we all concentrated

but all that i heard was my birds sleeping breath

the seconds all ticking a way to my death

christ on the right side

satan the left

her asteroid moons and her treble cleft

her seasons of famine that left her bereft

her reasons for things  i could never detect

and so curtis said what will be just will be


i’m outta here

just dont  trust kilbey



the end

















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