posted on January 17, 2010 at 8:40 pm

morning comes
well you can depend on it cant ya?
in some bizarre future
i have reincarnated as some old white freckly guy
i stand in the mirror looking at myself
ooh its hard to judge
1 minute i think
yeah you look ok for 55
1 minute i think
yeah you look 55
no one can avoid age can they?
yes i have the wrinkles n lines to prove it
my beard is almost all white
my hair is still brown
my temples are grey
tim says to me
old age is coming from below for you
yes my hair is still brown
hardly any any grey
its a little thinner than my heyday 25 years ago
but its still there despite it all
not too bad actually when you see blokes of 30 with no hair at all
my teeth…ah…yellow cracked n a few rotten
yeah im getting em looked at soon
my dentist always calls in his staff
look at this mans enamel….worn away to the dentine …!
good on ya tooth quack
boy not looking forward to expense n discomfort involved
my eyes are their usual selves
the only nice thing i heard elli say about me while she was here:
scarlets got those amazing eyes like daddy
ah well they dont look too amazing at 6.55 am
just bleary
i cant see myself so well close up
thanks to my fading eye sight n my misadventure with the champers cork
of course my ears ring ring ring a high horrible tone or tones
yoga has straightened me out n up of course
i try to do 2 sessions a day
i sometimes dont make the complete 2
but now i am accelerating backwards physically in time
that is
my body itself is more supple more in tune more able
than it was in my bloody heyday n my payday 25 years ago
i meet people they say you look younger than before
i surmise youth is suggested in body language
the loose limbed walk of the young fella
the miserable shuffle of the old bloke
well i aint gonna shuffle baby not yet
not for you or old age
and baby oh old age is surely breathing down my neck
but you see my intuitive plan
was swim yoga vegan (almost)
swim for the deep but not convulsive exercise
so you finish a good workout but not redfaced n sweaty n breathless
youre cool childe
youre sleek like a fish
you practiced the elegant art of swimming
and oh boy them fuckin’ endorphins
you dont think the olde time being
staggers away from yonder pool
loaded to the eyeballs on endorphins
theyre free baby theyre free
and i know youd go to any trouble to score
so go to the trouble of a 1 k swim
i guarantee you’ll be high
yeah i love being high
i dont like feeling low
i read that exercise fights off de-gen brain diseases too
well the mind n the spirit n the body
come on
if they arent interconnected
then neither are your fingers n thumbs n hands
so oh swimming
good for your body
good for your soul
what more do ya want
in cold water even better
then of course theres yoga
and yoga is a sublime path
yoga can only lead you to better things
yoga is the only real antidote to time i have found
and you persevere year in year out
gonna take a while to re shape my body n bones
but i know when i hit 60
i’m gonna hit the ground flexible
its quite miraculous
the rejuvenation process
people who last saw me play in the nineties
or early 2000
shocked at what i have become
in a good way
how great it is to shock people in a good way
when i limber out all bendy bouncy and fit
look you can do it too
cant you see its working
its fuelling my late life creative spurt too mr humphries
in more ways than one that is too
i feel confident to take anything on
though i still ruin almost all practical things i attempt
yoga n swimming havent fixed that
being a vegan
you wanna ever see your cheekbones n jawline again brother
i suggest you eat right
its not a pleasant pill to swallow …at first
no more more beer n cheese n meat n eggs n milk
get off yer bum
walk about
i walk at least 5 k everyday often at a very high speed
i run up steps
i never slow down
i march hard n its effortless
i see dads in playground 20 years younger than me
they waddle around with their love handles n blubber
they puff n pant if they have to chase the kids
i feel sorry for em
what the fuck will they look like
and feel like at my age…?
how disappointed their wives will be
to be married to a big old puffing wreck
come on its a challenge
lets fucking defy this zeitgeist
lets fucking get fit
lets get mobile
lets get some spring in yer step
even if like me
youre approaching winter
i will not go quietly into that good night
i’m gonna investigate the multiplication effects
of swimming yoga n vegan (almost) diet
i expect to look younger next year (except my face of course)
i expect to be writing better songs
i expect to be painting better paintings
and most of all
if youre (un)lucky enuff to see my band
you’ll notice my unfettered delight
in poncing about at my ripe old age
and showing off
the results
of all my hard work
(not normally a characteristic most people associate with me)
now gotta do it
gonna hit the front garden and bend this machine
this amazing machine we been given by god
it does everything n keeps the rain out of our brain
so you gotta tune it up
i do anyway
now i’m on this yogic path can never should never stop
art music yoga swimming singing summer
i’m a lucky guy
i know
i do know

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