posted on December 26, 2012 at 8:04 pm
                wanna watch

wanna watch

watch christmas become ritual

the incessant demand for gifts

the glittery tinsel goes up earlier n earlier

the food the pressure the argy bargy

didnt hear jesus name mentioned once or any other god

did not observe merriness on the streets just drunken idiots

we are losing touch with our traditions

a celebration with no reason is emptiness itself

all those pissed morons yelling and guffawing…..about what…?

christmas was some other celebration before it was christmas

messiahs returning after darkest days of northern winter

we celebrate christmas presumably because we are so happy JC was born

yes i know its not his real birthday even….

but what a fuckin’ hodgepodge christmas is now without JCs ostensible presence

pine trees (which get chucked out a few days later) fairies baubles candy canes

in australia it all seems even stupider

in this summer weather n all

it makes me uneasy

it brings out the worst side of a lotta people too

we give gifts to celebrate the birth of JC

because (presumably) he gave us a new and better philosophy

(which in a nutshell is ) be nice to everyone( seems obvious but it isnt!)

for saying this he was killed by the same types who killed MLK JFK and Lennon

and Gandhi

you know the guys who dont like the peace n love thing

the guys who organised WW1 for us peasants

but when it was over and a lotta people killed

they never explained why

but sure enough we give our lives over n over

in all these wars like Vietnam..did anybody ever say sorry we were wrong?

all those people died in vietnam…all that pain n blood n horror

all those children were napalmed for what…? to stop “communism”

communism is so bad it must be stopped by tearing life apart

then drugs are so bad it must be stopped by tearing life apart

if i was the king of the world i would reverse the order

i would make having one little gun or bullet

as illegal as having one kilo of smack

give the whole world one week to give EVERY gun back

and then start

the way they started in on drugs about a hundred years ago

“These drugs are so bad for you youre better off in jail” (we have decided)

(this was really done not to protect you, if they wanted to protect you howcome

you can buy a gun any kinda gun let alone these “assault weapons”)

bust everyone with a gun the way they were busting everyone with a drug

i reckon guns are more of a priority than drugs somehow in “protecting” us

so i’d let all drug police become gun police

ruthlessly hunting down dealers shooters any mother with a gun


unless blah blah (like it is now with doctors n drugs)

let all the potsmokers outta jail…they never hurt anyone

give em compensation for ignorantly ruining their lives

and hunt down guns

a war on guns…imagine that

and we took every single stupid useless gun and we melted em into ploughshares

and we looked after each other

we fed the hungry

we gave shelter to refugees and the homeless

we looked after our children and our aged and our infirm

we stopped caring about wealth and politics and all this maya

and listened for once to a few of JCs good ideas

the deep cosmic law of life and love which he understood

the paradox of giving it away to get it back

his love for his fellow man which blew everyones mind

his compassion his ahimsa his fucking grooviness

he would not own or use a gun

he would not see people starve

he would hate to see the dumb beasts cruelly penned in misery and filth

he would hate the vietnam war oh god how he would have wept

and the people perpetrating that useless rape touting themselves as “christians”

oh sweet irony

just like the celebration of his birthday

becoming about status and shopping and avarice

and drunk blokes in pubs wearing santa fucking hats

this is a sick n twisted world

this is a bullshit world

those same old alpha male types

that bad bad thinking

theyre always in charge

they eliminate the competition one way or another

gee they never can solve those murders though

all those mad geezas shooting our heroes like johnny wilkes booth

and lee harvey ostrich and marky chapman and sirhan sirhan duran


this is a stupid world

we are capable of such great things and such repulsive knavery

like vietnam for example

why werent the people behind that war that hopeless evil war

why werent they tried for the crimes against humanity?

when will we peasants stop following this “same old crowd”

and tell em to fuck off n fight the wars themselves!

they are never held accountable . WHY?

merry christmas yeah

but i dont think christ would be digging it much

seriously, do you…?






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