posted on March 9, 2015 at 4:26 pm
a new bus in a new town

a new bus in a new town

Chicago Cleveland Cincinnati

we swim thru these cities

playing our music

nudging the songs on in to the future

whats it like, kilbo ?

asks a voice in an other room

you fucking lil superstar

you over the top over the hill

over the moon

thrum thrum thrum

deadpan them droll lyrics

wiggle your old hippy hips

oh moses you knows the power and the glory

tonite its always tonite

oh you lock in you lock in you locking in

a black poet on the street raps a poem to me

i give him a fiver

he says i just wanna eat something man

his poem is strange and hypnotic

everyone on this street knows my name


a woman jumps up on stage tackling me and wont let me go

i hold up my arms to indicate i’m not holding the ball

one of the road crew gets her off eventually

she’s saying something in my ear over the din of the music

i’m aware of how wet and sweaty i am as we come apart

in cleveland 3 attractive women are getting it on down the front

touching each other and stuff

giggling and that kind of thing

a lot of people in the cleveland audience making out and all that

people smoking weed at various gigs in the crowd

oh a hotel room too with a soft bed

starbucks coffee in a mall somewhere

people stare at us with our outlandish accents

we listen to 3 big star albums in a row

i read my alex chilton book

i walk in a bar and the box tops are playing

i look at snowy america go by

i go onstage and i rock n roll

i shout out this stuff i sing

blam bang wallop yeah crash

USA tour ok alright!






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