posted on March 7, 2015 at 7:57 am
chicago chicago

chicago chicago

yeah rawk baybee rawk

fuck yeah hell yeah and

whatever you like

minny-apolis last night my fools

great vegan huevos rancheros at a hippy joint round the corner

went back there for supper after show and had a TLT sanger

thats tempeh lettuce tomato with vegan mayo

and a barley soup!

the place was called the last days cafe

the show in minny was good

they caught on to us back in 84

4 years before most of the rest of america

we still got the connection my people

a good show

some transcendental moments

the crowds seem to digging it

i do yoga in a dressing room that gradually starts to freeze

because of a thermostat in the main room cooling down

as venue filled up with punters

so eventually i’m doing my shoulder stand

and my feet are fucking freezing

after show we climb in our bunks and we slip n slide down a snowy highway

now we are parked on street outside gig

its the no hotel tour and fuck it i aint doing this again

i need a fucking hotel room . i need a shower. i need some privacy

at sixty being a part of this travelling bunch of comedians and tragedians is a bit much

like the boy scouts on a camping trip

we never get away from each other that much

i love playing but its hard to sublimate myself in the rank n file

all i ask is a quiet room n a hot shower

all i ask is sumptuous vegan food and adoring friends

all i ask is a castle in dalmatia and maybe a small tropical isle

all i ask is obedience wealth and honours

could i be made a knight for fucks sake?

before they do away with knighthoods altogether.

couldn’t i be king for the day?

can’t i be young again?

can’t someone bring ian haug some fucking vegemite from somewhere?

this is a bizarre and random life

i am half genius half idiot

i have cold and damp feet

i got given a pair of new boots as part of a promo

i am recording with garage band down back of bus

my daughters are playing in america in a few months

my daughters are all beautiful and all have big hearts

this area of chicago used to be goth now its hipster

i miss sydney and its mild climes and its laconic people

i miss my local sea pool and my local cafe

i miss my friends and my anemones

i miss my little woofle too but we Skype a bit

and she loves to play with the emoticons

snow and sunshine here in chicago

the temperature is freezing in celsius and fahrenheit whichever way

the food in america is very eggy meaty and stodgy

except for the rare amazing cafe here n there

so typical US. the best is the best

and the worst is the worst.

i love our american fans too

they get us and they get us good

they understand

they understand this may be our last time around

any time could be

but its a miracle we get here at all ever

its a fragile thing

the audience last night was fantastic

it made me feel like showing off

the band plaid grate

we are fucking good aint we?

or not.

sometimes yes sometimes no

colorado stash running low

bring jazz and vegemite

and bring your love n faith n belief

you have believed in us

we will believe in you

cold n tired n dirty n unshaved

but willing to fucking rock

even tho its sending me deaf and broke

lifes a joke

i love you

from a bus in the windy city

your ever so ‘umble ‘ero








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