posted on April 26, 2016 at 7:50 am
windy city

windy city

in the grinding journeys sudden lurching halt

in the shape of an electric bass guitar

my only constant companion in sunburst body

we have made such easy work of the whole thing

2 nights more then the crusade is over for at least ever

the singing droning ringing of my ears in a silent room

always encaged in last nights music and beyond

bought 50 dollars worth off a waiter

have another coffee

the day room at night

age is officially wearying me obviously despite everything i am after all nearly 62

some nights the force couldn’t seem to be with me

then other times its all ticketty boo

the days indeed rush past with a ferocity and an awful brevity

we now done our last long drive

now we live on our bus for 2 days before flying home

it aint that bad

soon we do our meet n greet

man i better try n squeeze in some yoga

without my daily dip in the pacific

yoga is my only virtue

making up for too much weed or absinthe or chips or chocolate sponge cake

yeah i only human ha ha it takes one to know one

over n out space caddies

sk in chicago

but with no transit authority

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