posted on April 22, 2016 at 7:48 am
smoky day

smoky day

we hit new orleans and ohio

and brooklyn and a load of other places

the bus creaks and rattles and glides through america by night

i wake up we are somewhere different

the gear all comes out again

all them expensive guitars and stuff

it all gets set up again

we sound check again

the vips come n meet n greet

steve pick something from the menu please

what time is the first set?

can i get some more vocals in the monitor please?

my bass booms

my voice crackles and floats

the music jangles on and on

the drums pound etc

the people clap

i remember all the  words and notes in some miraculous sequence

all that stuff i wrote some of it so long ago


playing in the usa

the bus the cafes the tr

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