posted on July 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm

rip em n blues
klingande klangande melodi
rock and a hard plaice
fire from earths core
nothing no-one can touch me now
i laughing
i fall on the floor and i laughing
i laugh at my dee tractors
i laugh at the squares
i laugh at the jealous whingeing whining carping pricks
who cannot be me…
i’m sorry this position is filled
only room for one renaissance man on this plane, tosh
i sacrifice this guitar to poseidon
i dedicate this life to magic to music to rock
i got the tunes
i got the words
i got the stupid and good moves
i’m a joke
i’m a joker
and i’m not joking
you know i’m so special
is that why the proletariat cannot dig my groovy trick?
i do things right
i do things wrong
i do things my way
and some days i dont care
about anyones opinion
worship me
revile me
ignore me
i cant feel a thing…
this is my fucking page
i do what i like
and im a big headed pig headed fool
no kind or harsh words have EVER swayed me from my appointed rounds
i deliver
all those fucking songs
98% of em excellent beyond all known mortal constraints
you know its true
or why turn up here to read this…?
(oooh i’m 19 on the charts…IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!)
you either love me or you hate me
and if you love me youre smart
and if you hate me its cos youre a squirming jealous thwarted lump
thats right
read it and weep
you cant erase my words
my music my images my words my mojo
will live on n on
after our individual deaths
my lovely daughters
my lovely calves
my lovely seizure
my lovely olde age
my lovely lovely lovely face
like a king from the olden daze
you know it
a rock-king
with a fender bass as his staff
with six beautiiful women as his familiars
with his freckles like the spots of some mangey cat
my fingers forgotten more than most peoples brains
my fingers pumping out bass bliss for 40 years
my velvety throat crooning those bestest words in the universe
the worlds forgotten geezer
a diamond mind
christ if i not a genius then who is?
im waiting for yer reply
come on
send me yer bile
i turn it back into music
and i become even more entrenched
oh come let you a-door me
or bugger off
if youre rich send me money
if youre poor send me good vibes
if you cant have a laugh at me with me
the jokes on you
i’m the first to say
kilbey is the worst
i’m the first to say
kilbey is the best
embrace my paradox
you cant ever insult or compliment me
more than i already done
i churn out masterpieces
like other people write shopping lists
there goes another one…
look out
you might miss it
cmon on and love me
dont resist it
the saint who is no saint
white hippy moses
the mangey panther
lo i write my own mythology
and it all comes true
look at me
i’m fifty nearly five ha ha ha
show biz
the ATO…come n get me baby dead or alive
i escaped from new york
i never eat pork
i sing deeper than tommy yawk
i paint better than blind boy grunt
i speak better than marcel marceau
i liver than you’ll ever be
you’ll never know
here i am in my own little world
come in please and make yerself at home
dont stab me in the back cos its rude
and its cowardly
be one of us
accept me into your life
listen to songs i wrote 30 years ago
theyre still good
you got 2 choices
enjoy it
a very wise man once said
an enemy always equals an adorer
and you know
i tend to agree
but i tell you
i love my people
i love my family
i love my fiendss
i will not tolerate disrespect
my people know where they stand with me
me…mr arrogant everyman
naturally aristocratic tho my origins are humble cockney
very ‘umble, squire..ha ha ha
i got the kinder looks you cant buy
look i stand on stage
lo and behold childe
i make that fucking guitar squeal like a bitch
i got no rules
i got no regulations
i travel all over this world
i travel thru time in my mind
i believe in rocknroll
and if you believe in me and my rocknroll
i swear i will not let thee down
my honesty is my mystery
come in
and i will wash your dusty feet
come in
i accept the disenfranchised
i accept the freaks
i accept the vandals and the goths
and i accept
the strangely beautiful and the familiar ugly
i want your hearts and minds
trust me
i’m a rocknroll doctor
i need to make a small incision in your anonymous skull
and just…
oh dear
well i told ya so…
jealousy is a cursive script
and your pathetic envy needs to be drained
before you expire in a puddle of blob
i’m a almost vegan
i’m a almost with you
hey there using my song in another big tv show
dont it make ya sick….?
are you for me…or agin me….?
if you for me i will protect you in song
i will give you the ten thousand me’s i got up my steve
ha ha
this mere blog
this imbecilic rant
is still bigger n better
than what your average crowda people will write in a life time….
im a hundred monkeys with a hundred typewriters
n lo
i’m banging out shakespeare
i’m banging out steve kilbey
and the critics are wearing out their thesauruses
looking for superlatives for what i do
why resist me?
why stay around and not give in…
put yerself in my hands
put yerselves in my shoes
put yerselves in my picture
i’m saint steven the martyr
martyred by philistines
crucified in fucking space
i licked smack
i licked dehydration
i licked soy ice creams
i licked postage stamps
n i got you licked any old day
ha ha
you know its true
i got the good genes
i got the music in me
i still a contender but no one steps into the ring
the ring of fire
cos i burn and i return
i croon n the women swoon to my tune
i aint descended from no baboon
i play bass with my angular face
i paint like the ex-communicated saint that i aint
i been rocking 40 years no fears many tears
no one suede me
no one changes me
no one out trumps me but god and time
i know what i do is good
lord i aint really a fool
but if i am
why read a fools words…
only a fool would do that
my people know i give em what i can
i was shy for a while…oh miles ago
but now
fuck it
fuck em
fuck you
you not gonna get this anywhere else
i love my people and they do know it
it shows in the love i pour into my music
i dont condescend
i dont serve up any old rubbish
my songs are viruses infecting your brain
and they live on n on
growing stronger n stranger n bigger n better
you betcha!
and i tell ya who listens to my stuff
masters of martial arts
archi-friggin tecks
soldier boys
grey nurses
the void hears me howl
my people n i locked in our loop
all of us in this together
some heal
some teach
some litigate
some account
some ponder
some cogitate
i sing
i sing these songs cos no one else could
i am the thinking mans song
those captains of industry
those university trained boffins and big wigs
marine biologists swim in my sea of songs
linguists smile n wonder at my wordplay
musicologists appreciate my uses of harmony n dissonance
novices cannot fathom my productivity
my enemies…none will show their faces..
come forwards if you dare
they grumble n send me little hits below the belt
but i learnt from my hero harry houdini
my fucking stomach is flexed n ready for yer weak little punches
metaphoric or otherwise
or come n find me
i live on an island
where i have tamed the elementals
i am broke but never really broken
oh how my people will rejoice when i am crowned
oh how my snivelling anonymous d-tractors will weep
gnash their dentures
and wail in sorrow
when i ascend into my waiting nirvana
ha ha ha
i never run out of words
i hard wired into pure creativity
i got the discipline
i got the stamina
i got the mojo rising
genius is pain
i’m in agony
and you
you either love me
or you remain here
a hypocritic oaf
an anonymouse rat
a flea
a fly
a nothing
i faced death in aeroplanes and needles and diseases and cars
i been electrocuted
i been run over
i been addicted
i been punched in the head
i seen my beautiful daughters pulled
outta their conscious mothers stomachs crying
and none of us flinched
i aint dismayed by any jive you can come up with
i giggle at the prating of the philistines
water off this (man) drakes back
i’m a man, cant you see what i am
tough and tender
daring to make mistakes
not hiding in some dirty dark hole
firing shots at his betters
cowardly custard…i know who you are…
wormtongued insect
presumptuous nothing
worthless insignificant blot

the pic was taken by my friend jemal wade
the rant was inspired by some rude anonymous comments
i defy all your preconceptions
i will never be who you want me to be
and yet still i ask
and still you do not answer
why do you read me
if you do not love me?
ha ha

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