posted on June 17, 2010 at 12:05 am

in this photo clare bowditch, adalita and your ‘umble ‘ero

rockwiz the live show is over
ive got a complete doco up my sleeve but that’ll be for my new
impending mega-site ….eh, kip mcc?
itll have footage backstage onstage etc etc

the rock wiz people are amazing
the crew were amazing
the rock wiz orkestra …crikey what a band….!
my fellow singers…what a great bunch
the audiences were too kind and just fantastic
the whole experience was fucking groovy
everyone so cool n calm
not one jerk
not one grumpy tosser
not one idiot
please have me back
i loved it
it was a breath of fresh air
melby was a great place to finish
vika bull was a dream to sing with
her voice always in tune and strong
i had a ball
a very very happy camper i am
love to all

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