posted on April 9, 2010 at 1:11 am

san fran yeah that was a good show
we play like a real band with real instr. n everything
i sing like a llama
ply my base
see ya little baby shes a real reptile
we wont listen to the lizard part of our brains
steve kilbey live from the front
hours n hours driving arriving all most surviving
l. a. seems like a ripple in my memory now
we move on rapid-oh baby
check in
check out
wheres the internet
wheres the bed
wheres the shower
wheres the yoga
wheres the rainy window that never opens
unexpected winter still lingers in oregone
as we drive up to gig it starts to hail ha ha
snowy mountains come out of the sky and they stand there
tonight portland
its cold here
i miss my bondi beach
i miss my balcony
its lovely here too
gothicky pittsburghy feel but in the n west
i like it here
the bridges n rivers n the freaks
we play a nice little place i guess
they change when the peoples come in
i get a soup from a vegan place
do an interview but guess what
their camera didnt work so….
my feet are cold
my shirt n my face is wrinkled
my skin hurts in the cold
i am stiff and tired
nowhere to relax here neither
a tiny cramped little room backstage
dont envy me its not always any fun
boo hoo boo fucking hoo
ha ha ha ha

* music “the kicker” by the church x 2

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