posted on November 30, 2008 at 7:23 pm

wonderful spirit continue to guide me
flame on! light the lamp of love
fill my head with the sweetest words
summer for some of us
the days stretch out before me
the nights so black n inviting
knit me a mansuit i can wear
weave me my crown of weeds n reeds
coz i wander abroad in broad daylights
dazzled by the oaks thunderous voice
that reverberates underground
and i’m in league with the river
that accepts me without even a murmur
dive deep in her dark waters
lose your breath and be drowned
surfacing in another summer
golden rays call your vapour to heaven
summertime will be a love-in there
exquisite music
its…….david neil
“after that summer thats never coming a gain
my baby waiting for me
behind her frosted pane”
the angels toll the silver bells
go skinny dipping with jesus
drink sangria with rama
lie down n dream beneath the sleeping weeping willows
dream of summerpast
when you floated in bluer skies
right over the school so far below
you could hear a brass band playing in the distance
as you drifted away
into the effulgence
cos life is not solid
and we appear n disappear
and we bring to the table what we have learnt
and all stories are made up as we go along
and eventually
you must end up on your own
walking through a storm
where nothing can help you
in a black wood filled with uncertainty
then remember today today today
you are a childe
swimming in a vast sparkling sea
held up by the oceans hands
and gently surged to the sand
afternoon endless
your kind mama
your handsome father
your big sisters who tease you
becoming golden brown in the sun
becoming invisible in the warm black night
becoming yourself more and more
learn to love
learn to walk the astral path
learn to reach deep inside
and retrieve memories of summers long past
summers of boleyn
summers of iscariot
summers of ancient times that crowd your mind
the sun and the stars and the moon
the groves n the flesh n the wine
the lakes n the evenings n the dawns
your ancestors were you n me
summer is recycling us over n over
we pop up under the palms licking frosty fruits
cruising down the motel strip in a fancy car
we laughing cos we alive
at last (again)
summer deep is in the hills
jesus with his jaguar
strange birds arrive in the foggy blue
the great god pan is still king
we are golden youths in bacchus’s retinue
we crush the grape
we raise the cup
we dance with the dryads
into the nights wild depths
we are ecstatic n telepathic
we are in love with everything around us
the sacred glades come alive
and summer wraps us up
with warm sheets of air
and pillows of lovely dreams
and whispered words of welcoming
and summer is a beautiful girl bathing in a stream
and we watch her from within the woods concealed
we are rogues n ruffians n merry fools
we sleep under the stars
we eat wild raspberries and drink the dew
we ride the ceiling fans in hotelrooms by the sea
we check in to a deluxe suite
we amble down the boardwalk at rehoboth beach
shoot the curls at malibu
making friends with hawaii
summer comes in so many guises
listen to lord krishnas flute in the lemurian jungle
its all mixed up
lord krishnas flute in the holy night
mingling with the singing mermaids
far out to sea
too far out to see
a comet blazes overhead
star of bethlehem beach
for a moment everything is illuminated
then darkness returns
rendering all things equal

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