posted on September 20, 2007 at 12:36 am

in harridans black hall
where father and kathy were waiting
while ugly snouts sniffed outside
quickly they shouted in the gathering wind
and the whole house felt like it was crying
hurry they called through the widening gap
and i at last jumped for all i was worth
as the night crashed through the hole
let me tell you they were laughing
on the otherside
kathy was holding fathers hand
and father said
sit down here son… we’re still moving
the night moved within songs we sang then
kathy turned to me as she sang and she smiled
and oh her smile sang another song
and father held us tightly as we hurtled headlong
where is it we’re going father i asked
but kathy said ssshh
and father concentrated as hard as he could
because everything was changing he said
everytime i come back he murmured
and kathy just kept singing and singing
are we still moving i shouted above the stillpoint
father had closed his eyes
he was having a lay down i think
dont touch him said kathy
or he’ll wake up i said
she nodded solemnly and yawned herself
im terribly sleepy she said
no kathy i said
no you mustnt go to sleep as well
dont be silly she said as she closed her eyes
and left me there all alone
it seemed like i was on my own again now
i sat there feeling so sorry for myself
i sat there choking on my sobs
as father and kathy slept
i hate this if its a dream i shouted to the dark sky
but if it heard it did not answer
and if it answered then i did not hear it
green life was germinating around all the corners
the night was no longer black
i perceived it to be a deep violet
with crimson veins running through it like skin
i realized that it moved and stretched like a fabric
the stars which i had thought to be white
were revealed in pale yellows and vague reds
the morning cannot be faraway i heard myself think
and i wondered what kathy was dreaming of
i soon became aware of the earth
as it rotated in space somewhere
how its light travels to us from the lightless regions
how the moon can be seen in every pool
how the reflection dazzled me when i was there
and the inevitable glow of childhood
illuminating almost every corner of space
how the dust danced in the morning sun
i started to sing the song again
that lovely song kathy had been singing
and its words gave me a kind of strength
and its melody uplifted my flagging spirit
the otherwordly night in its own light
the churning feeling of the voyage
the celestial beings who sang along with me
in the marvellous distance

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