posted on July 22, 2011 at 8:23 pm

the sentimental bloke

i never learn

muse : he never learns

my trusty cupboard is all empty

my ashtray gone astray

thats australia for you

thats the world with its molten interior

thats how birds fly i guess….all them feathers…..

dont want to be rich but i wouldnt mind the money

i’d buy some decent friends with integrity

i cannot imagine  death for the life of me

the fire engines rush about in the rain

the rain not playing by northern hemisphere

it enters from left and right and straight on not just above

who then is this?

the archetype of the clown who cries in the rain so his tears unseen

i let sydney drown in its storm

i could could help it no longer

it slipped from my grasp

i only held onto it by an inch

all those skyscraping mirrored towers that stick thru the grey

come crashing around

a million naked strangers flung from their uprooted hotels

the fish and the frogs were a’falling thru that air

my hook into the mainframe

my lance unto these conundrums and foibles

my hammer upon the swiftest bolt

my steed ridden sandalwood my steed ridden snow

in a haphazard way  in crookedness follow

well i incubate anger in every thought

and every deed like this storm

the monstrous waves are mine

i hurl them towards the great gates at the palace

i sent those tentacles groping out of the surf

your mother earth

your father time

your sister a moon who fell out of a sea

branches crash down in the park

bark and splinter and crack

i’m not rushing into delay

urgent hesitation

the palms amuse me lashed by the storm as they are

they seem to dance egyptian in the deluge

waving their bloody great fronds about

i let sydney drown to save myself

i warm myself on the flames of a civilisation gone up

i run away down the teaming parades

where the white lady waited for me

presiding over winters in july that went on

like an evangelist inside his head

and more true than not

these then are the days which have escaped




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