posted on June 23, 2009 at 8:40 pm

i go up to the roof
dark night
some kind kat from minne apple is
had laid some jazzy jazz on the old jazzmen
and let me tell you childe
that verily it doth rock
serious jazz serious music
seriously wasted i do yoga
its hot outside
the phone interview
the interview down at the station
the interviewers are polite and intellectual types
they seem to know what theyre on about
a long way from some of the turkeys they got
yes theres a lot of quietly intellectual people out this way
sort of low key but very well educated and spoken
up in this neck of the woods i guess
wow i like mill walky
look i can understand why all those old english rockers
settled down in america eventually
i mean olde johnny lennon coulda lived anywhere
i dunno
just so many different cities
just so many different landscapes
just so many different people
i like america
i love america
i love marilyn n marlon n elvis n jeff buckley
i love greg dulli n tom verlaine n bobby dylan n patti
and beach boys n byrds n bruce n so many others
boy you gotta be weird if you dont like some of it here
of course theres some scary bits and some bland bits
and some stupid bits
but i have encountered this in
australia sweden and england and everywhere else
the people who see us are genuinely delighted
beyond even a london or melbourne or amsterdam crowd
they love us it seems
they truly appreciate it without any preconceptions
critics n fads have little sway here
if youre mediocre, no good review is gonna bullshit a crowd
except maybe in l./a. or new yourk
i pride myself these days on delivering it for all i’m worth
its just fucking stupid otherwise to come here
risk my life on the roads for up to 12 hours a day or night
and then not give it my best shot
so bugger it!
thats what im doing
the songs are singing themselves
i stand back n mouth the words
in sync with something
some big music machine
i get hooked up
its effortless then
this is where i hoped to get
and by jungo here i am
right up
direct feeed adjustable drip
on tap
intra braineously
i know how to do it now
so come on america
gimme one last chance
embrace me to your warmest show biz heart
im sorry everywhere else
but its nice to play here in the states
they invented show biz here
the audience is so enthusiastic
nice people give us veg snacks (thanks!)
people even like our silly accents
little craigie is having a ball but wearing himself out
i dont even know what day it is
i dont even know what time it is
tonite we drive on after gig
to grand rapids
dunno if i been there before
have no preconceptions whatsoever
can only think one day ahead

yes my box set is available at shows
and from early july on
available from my art site (see right hand side of blog)
it is a cd of music and blog style reveries
and 20 prints on hi quality paper from my recent exhi
its 50 bucks and its a very limited edition thing
the prints are very framable
holly and kimbo did an amazing job
i was assisted by jorden brebach
who mixed n engineered much of u23
plus back with 2 beasts etc
and now our live engineer in the states
if you appreciate jordens work you’ll like this
i recommend it for true fiends as a must
for true fiendom


i’m sitting here baxstage
in shank hall
waiting to soundcheck
blah blah blah
my arm is tired
it says
stop now
its over

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