posted on April 21, 2009 at 11:04 pm

flattened out horizon
passing across the desert
constant beating of wings
man with one eye
the sun squints down
well with cool green water
sky with silent clouds bumping into each other
someone has painted the background
someone wanders thru their own creation lost
a car accelerates away
the 1960s are back and stumbling around
black n white trailers
marked perimeters
cactii swelling up black with too much water
we discover oil….again
shoot that scene in the leg
hobble about wobble and shout
stupid head wound
cobalt blueprint
one shot offer
sure fire think
let them go out into the future
blast away at the past
go last
go fast
go past
boot hill up
a deep and grave stone
lying beside us
vultures appear
widows are made
orphans sit bewildered
the dogs howl
the men start up their drinkin’
the women start up their cryin’
i start up my dyin’
already focussed
on my next big roll

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