posted on May 28, 2012 at 6:57 am

zephyrus spring

on coraline fountains that spring from other earths

yes other earths yet within our lives

they were ours to behold

yet these thin partitions separated dimensions

universes side by side rarely moving into each other

day to day

a thousand different times moving

time fast time slow time stopped no time at all

gods frustrated hurl down heroes

and you will know them by their works

arrows of devotion honed life after life

reverence for all life therefore as all must live

the struggle with the beast within contained

Ra begets a glorious morning casting Set beneath black Nile

once our race was ecstatic

when that day dawned

we all came from other worlds to populate this

as we moved up and down a vast interlocking web of incarnation

the good advance

the bad retreat

the mediocre stay

people are moving through the fabric now though

interlopers and angels break free as this plane speeds up

maverick spirit of the age

art is ripe for the picking

a responsibility for astonishment

superimposition of mans will on matter

we perform tricks then we perform miracles

we must take everything we want from thin air

oh age of wonders oh age of light !

Zeus dived from heaven and begot children of Olde

his herald the messenger approaches nymphs and women

his aegis crackling thunderbolt upright in stream

transmitting power in some divine frequency

he negates every stupid question i have

my planet is rich in sorrow and doubt

we have mined our minds and sold our sole soul

we have voyaged to jupiter deep in the antarctic sea

and appeared in bedrooms to collect DNA

nightfriends coming through the mirrors

and sliding down the light

the spontaneous decision to become vegetarian

marks a donor to our dwindling pool

all of us come from somewhere beyond

and thats where we go at the end of the day



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