posted on January 27, 2010 at 8:23 am

vincent van go go was in the sauna today
the red painted orange hair
the anxious look
penetrating eyes
trying hard not to sneak a peak
sink into green
green grow the rushes oh
marine green
the sea what does it care
the old swimmermen playing cards
brown in the whitish gloom of the seacloud
toasted muesli with berries
an architects german wife waves to me
an article in paper about these special padded undies
to make womens bums look bigger
selling like hot (bum) cakes apparently
not to be used as a flotation device apparently
can male undies with built in package be far off
i go into bank n talk to a guy about my bank account
hes got an accent but i couldnt pick it
hes quite a nice guy actually
i walked out n paid my exorbitant rent at the p.o.
ooh my bar code is coming loose
i go out n buy a bubble tea
i go home n work on notes for boxset
relistening to my old solo back catalogue
some good n bad in there
talking about including some unreleased stuff with it
from pre-formation n artyfacts boots
gee theres some interesting stuff in there
some of its already up on youtube
you can hear some of it there
yeah my solo career ha ha ha
a seriously badly handled affair
this boxset will make it all available
trying to make the deadline for the notes
trying to get everything done but losing the battle
my friend mich drops over n we go swimming with doodles
the water is warm n green green green
i see bream swimming around in there
i do my 2 yoga sessions
i apply myself diligently
i begin to occasionally transcend n oscillate
my bones feel pleasantly rubbery
i may be old but dont have to feel old
tonite still have to do my 3 month tax doo dah
the kids fight n carry on a bit
i drop mich off in paddington
in a busy street where traffic is building up
mich gets out
and the doodles fight each other to get into the front seat
as one tries to climb in from the back
the other is hitting at her n holding her back
both are appealing to me
eventually aurora beats down eve n climbs in the seat
talk about oblivious doodles…jesus
i will be co-judging a vegan bake off in feb in newtown
will be playing in lyneham canberra
at a gig that used to be the post office
now its all tree-ey and soy lattes and metrosexuals
no longer the sombre stomping ground of my old bullies
gee how nostalgic will i be….?
thats it for now
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