posted on June 18, 2007 at 1:28 am

and all round handsome brute
torn apart by his own commenters
driven crazy by the taste of his sweet pure blood
no no
some cried
save him save him
and they seized the right half of him and pulled
others cried wicked
and they seized the left and tugged
and still others
inquisitors and torturers
asked tricksy questions
tricksy my preciousses
or they put their words in his mouth
and then beat him for it
spat upon and insulted
for having said
please be kind to all the beasts…
and they pulled and tore him asunder
he who had loved them so much
he who had shared unflinchingly
he who had over n over stated his misgivings about himself
he who was frank and forthright
he with the iq of a genius and the calves of a dancer
he with the gold records and mercurial teeth
he with the encyclopaedic knowledge of rocknroll
he with 2 sets of twins
he who has no country
he who is 1st son of 1st son
he who had been there and done that
but was thoughtful observant and eloquent enough
to come back and tell you about it in poetic terms no less
go ahead
wags nibble on his carcass now
detractors desecrate his memory with obscene slogans
his followers have declared him a public holiday
and many of them now dress in scruffy clothes to honour him
and smoke the sacred erb
tucking into nut cutlets
wearing wispy hair wigs
and false white beards
they call him the saint who was no saint
the prophet without profit
white hippy moses
the mangey panther
the fool
the time being
the charlatan
the killer of children and women
the olde fella
the ladies man
the uneven one
slim boy grunt
steve fairchild
steve underwood
steve bennett
steve a’door
the one who was pretty
hippy dribble
the voice of the voiceless
the merciful one
deaf as a post
mr resilience
the clown
man of sorrows
mr kilbey
the one who could go either way
so many names
so many games
so misunderstood
so sad
such a shame
some said stop
some said go
some said hi
some said lo
and behold me tight!
some said oh i love you time being
please take your time
strip these hours from me
remove these minutes as if they were my garment
paint me a picture of living life
some said i am leaving
i am leaving
but the fighter still remained
watching me watching me
waiting to hurt
hasnt this earth gotta nuff hurt already
enuff sadness n sorrow
no no no
in coming slings and arrows
outrageous fucking fortune
ducking and weaving
dodging them brickbats
oh theyre cutting me to the quick n the dead
so many words
so many bad vibes
poor be-wildered olde killer
he stands up confused
who turned out the lights? he asks
in the darkness of his tribulation
some of his apostles say
close it down sweet man
we cannot bear to see thee slandered and abused thus
others say
we have come with thee thus far
but now alas our parts must path
others say wherever you lead dear master
there we will follow
for your sake
but for my sake
is for your sake
and the ones who cant see wont believe
and then the pharisees said
how dare you tell us not to eat the beasts
we have always eaten them
we are given dominion over them (it says)
and we’ll do whatever the fuck we like
besides what about in tibet?
or mongolia?
and the holocaust?
and abortion?
and the disabled?
and the old?
the homeless?
and sickness?
and poverty?
and dole cheats?
and the broken pavement on hall street
and the lions?
and the a-theists?
and heroin?
and going to jail?
and whatta bout the past?
and whatta bout me?
and whatta bout you?
what about what you did?
yes you you you!
dont worry about keith richards n loo read
what about you?
who me?
yeah you!
oh i lied n cheated n ignored n fucked up
oh i been so wrong about so many things
so many many so many many
sins i grant you
i sinned i sind i rescind
sinned to cinder
but one thing im sure of…
no no no say pharisees
you arent sure of anything
no right to be sure
but i feel this
no no no
you dont feel you fool
dont feel
your foolish feelings
but are we humans?
is this humanity?
is this love in action?
is this the way whoever would have wanted it?
can you dig life?
life….not ours to take away…not like that
not to breed beasts in fear factory
hunt them yes if youre a hunter
how many hunters here? asked the being
but hardly any raised their hands…
but the fish…
but mongolia…
but the iron…
but the advertisements with sam neill…
the being swung around angrily and he declared

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