posted on September 17, 2012 at 6:44 pm

me today at about 6 20

unidentified nordic aliens in bondi


guide me deeper

lemme see realer and realer

gimme abilities i dont even deserve

i am your precocious devotee

i want everything at once but grant me energy

and grant me hunger and restlessness

let me careen ever forwards out of the past

let me express my obsession with spirit then

let me glorify whatever the fuck it is that makes me do all this

keep me young so i can write more stuff

paint more pictures

more music yeah too please

keep it coming i’m waiting

another instalment

i dont want to ever stop now

its all unravelling but its all coming together

i expect miracles i get miracles

i expect disappointment i get disappointment

in the abyss of expectancy i fear no evil

if saraswati oh sweetest goddess you grant me success

yes money too quite frankly i’m broke

but i’d rather finally do that one thing

its all been leading up to ….

nah…or maybe not

a new voice in my head guides me

(it must be you)

thanks then for your spiritual and technical advice

a hand guides my intuition

the astral library of lovely human ideas

oh there lemme wanda !

lemme peruse perus stones whatever the fuck

lemme in lemuria

i paint your vogue edition in people

i organise crime on tape or paper

i send out my tendrils into the future when i am thankfully gone

strolling i hope with christ and krsna by a limpid indian lake

maybe we will form a band or discuss some delicate philosophical point

later the gopis will come out to dance

and we will become intoxicated on the flowers and moon

and time will almost stop

and in the darkness as i move and breathe through my india

my head will explode with every single possibility that never was



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