posted on April 4, 2011 at 11:14 pm


i am a fool i am everywhere

a party in a courtyard

its raining

people stand around drinking and laughing

i smoke a spliff in the darkness frowning

the orchestra taking five

the flutes and trombones

the violas and the bass

the mercurial sound of their overhang

my ears ring on n on

my eyes blur and hurt

my mind churns deep

other than that its a black monday night

black as spades in spades

blacks as clubs too or maybe blacker

the silver rain falls in desperate tropical spurts

i get wet just gettin’ out of my car called tibi

i am a pagan i am stupidly stupid

i enter a room like ive landed from outta space

sometimes im a old man walking like a snake

sometimes i appear in the past as rosy cheeked youth

i dream of filthy rotten rich nights

i swim through an ocean of pale naked women

their hair floats around me as i sink into all that flesh

all those voices whispering my name in my neck

fuck i’d need a bouy oh ha ha

my dream turns sour

i’m crawling around under a table looking for venus

is that a metaphor or a meta 4

i’m sitting with my axe in my small hands

i’m gonna cut off the bud at the head

waking up into the moving yesterday still available in some places

no you can never go back its sideways

follow that hunch buts its a jinx

follow the link but its a 404 error

its a missing link

page not found but floundering

somethings are lost

other things are there forever

some things you never had

something you always got

its ok




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