posted on May 26, 2007 at 5:43 am

lay in a night
silver painted on a sky
flakes of some beaten metal
wafer thin floating through the purple lake air
as we come so gently down
drifting turning fluttering
who do we think of as we stream outwards
who fills the expanse of our fall
rushing smoothly undulating
as seen in a peeling mirror apearing to warp
as glimpsed in a sidelong dream
some powdery smoke
some watery spark
unravelling in the sky
slow motion explosion
self destroying arc
the surface comes apart
shooting away blindly
moving ago upon years
over and under and outside down
ripping the fabric of the night wide open
gaping holes in reality
through which ventured the othersiders
in all their improbability
holy holy holy
and fire
they brought fire
and the orange and the yellow and the red
superimposed on blackness
a picture on a dark wall
standing back a little i see with perspective
earth and time recede to a point
and falling forward it comes smack up to meet me in the mouth
the horror of freefall
land sea air
when this happens
along a line
straight as a die
as the day is long
but night is longer
vibrate above the bed
flow upwards like cold ice steam
round and round
down and around

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