posted on November 17, 2007 at 2:58 am

approaching one million
one million reads
ah its just a figure
a good figure
but just numbers
polinski sends up a nice new mix
yeah i think youll like this mess
go n have swim at beach with eve
aurora under the weather
reading the kids northern lights at bedtime
next weekend is election
shoulda seen the silly pamphlet
some lovely tree died for
that arrived in my letta box
oooh its kevin rudd the opposition leader
visiting a school
oh what a regular guy
here he is explaining sumfing to a childe
oh look here is our local hopeful with him
watching on in admiration (and love)
as kevin explains things to children
kevin says hes gonna have ” an education revolution”
he says his goal : aussies to be best educated in the world
yep thats a big goal
like the world peace miss universe contestants wish for
and just like kevin
they have no idea how to achieve it either
kevins promising lotsa stuff
grandiose commissions hes going to launch
the way he’ll slash bu -rocracy
(hey…aint that at cross purposes?)
he’ll fix up the hospitals
trains ll run on time
bald men will grow hair
frigid women will have orgasms
and all the children will be happy
oh please please please
let him
let him have a go
he dont need the dough
his wifes a malty millionaire
please let him have a turn
just so
he can
look at himself
in the mirror
and say
ooooh kevin youre the prime minister !!!
i say
the system has failed us again
is this the choice ?
an insincere dodging nebulous nobody
or howard
the old school
warmongering royalist ugly olde twit
with a voice and accent of a vole
howard : the brickwall past
rudd : the jellyfish future
is this what democracy had in mind?
are there better leaders in aust than these 2
i find them lacking on all levels
where is another choice ?
neither of these should be doing a job like that
howard should be working in a hardware shop selling sandpaper
rudd should be in real estate or interior design
even then hed probably get the curtains wrong
i wish neither of em would win

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