posted on February 12, 2010 at 9:16 pm

after a wild and tumultuous night
after the last lightning has bolted across the purple sky
and the thunder claps and exits quietly
and the men n women cease their ministrations
when the kissing ends and the dreaming begins
hands still touching
going where the other can never follow
we sleep together but alone we dream
the neon and the empathy still judder thru my system
in my dreams i soldier on through my mind
but whatever i do i never remember
when i wake up
its saturday morning very quiet
gently oh so gently drizzling
the odd car zings thru the wet streets
a cool rain has come
the city crouches beneath the clouds
docile and tamed
its hour gone at last
the clubs close up
the spades are spent
the hearts are all broken
and the diamonds are paste
the cold light of the warmish day
the clocks all ticking in the silence
the hum of the fridge
the rustling of blinds n curtains
this is my territory
as much as the nights confusions
the grim grey light
pale mirror
the creeping cumuli
i listen to my ears ringing on
trying to tune into a station they can never get
those yesterdays when i wasnt me
who were you then?
no i dont know
someone else somewhere else
luck ran out
as it does
life as they told you is brief
what stands on either side but rest
and the cold morning drizzle
the small stones and pieces of brick
holes in the mortar where lizards live
the tiny bits of glass and drifts of sand
and weeds scraggly raggedy ugly skinny things
strangling the daylight for their fix
emitting dull buds that flower dimly
things become unbearably still
i’m left here with my past n my future
on either side the deep gulf of unconsciousness
lit up by short dreams
in a series of lives

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