posted on August 14, 2010 at 6:08 pm

brick layer

saturday night by the sea

the specific ocean

the briny depths

people roll in in waves

coming in for the night life

the night clubs (in spades)

the cafes n eateries

cashed up revved up

saturday night by the sea

families from the west lie about on the lawns

whales appear out near the horizon

cars cruise up n down neptune blvde

my falcon snorts and dives into the valley

the apartments blur by with names like seabreezes

and thetis court

and new hastings house

and the pubs open up the booze and verily it doth flow, my man

ten thousand pissed yobbos heads full of victoria bitter

and girlfriends sipping wight whine

and the high heels clacking down the footpath

waiters scurrying around with menus and wo-menus

and kids suck down vanilla milkshakes n bottles of coke

and the sea gulls come in for a showdown with the mynah birds

and the pigeons go round n round in the teaming air

and the cops jump in n out of their cars outside the station

could be a big night , constable griffiths

could be a long one, constable jones

iffy guys in tracksuits on their mobiles arranging pickup n delivery

i told ya no more credit…! ¬†one em hisses into his phone

bouncers roll up their sleeves

tattoos abound

cigarettes and aftershave

complaining kids

dudes on their skateboards charging thru the crowds

a thousand ipods a’blasting

a thousand fingers a’texting

a thousand ring tones filling the air

surfers run along in their rubbery wetsuits

hoons in their lowered nissan skylines flood into the intersections

parties kick into life hesitantly at first

the crescent moon hangs there in the sky

sunset turns to a dirty polluted orange

people buy chocolate n energy drinks from the convenience stores

money changes hands

people kiss

people curse

people all alone

crazy lost souls stumble loose out amongst it all

a tentative spring seems to be arriving but its still a little chilly

my kids are s’posed to be cleaning up their room

nothing much happ’ning tho

they do anything to avoid picking their stuff up

my kitchen table is covered in plastic giraffes and books n hairbrushes

cameras fruit headphones dental floss

salt n pepper

pencils n pens n computer paraphenalia

the dishes have been done

the light begins to fade

i gotta learn my lines for the play

i feel kinda cold but then i always do

i feel a bit melancholy but then i always do

i feel a bit alone/aloof/ out of all the loops

i feel like i am not the only one

who feels like the only one

the sky turns pale violet

a plane comes in right over our roof

the birds still calling

as night is falling

its twenty to six

the kids make so much fucking noise i move into my bedroom to finish off my blogge

i keep saying ssshhhh! but they aint taking any notice

in my room its messy as per usual

clothes n books n stuff strewn about

i gotta learn my lines

i gotta know em off by heart

i gotta do some work but i feel disturbed but i always do

wish i felt safe

wish i felt warm

wish i could stop wishing for things

ooh sorry i ruffled all those feathers before

cant stand it when everyone gets angry with me

somedays ya cant pull a trick

shoulda been a monk somewhere tending to my roses

shoulda been a lighthouse keeper alone in the darkness of some bleak coast

shoulda been a long distance runner pumped up on endorphins

shoulda been a popstar surrounded by adoration ha ha

anyway i guess this is enough

my widget word counter says i typed over 600 words so there you go

its sat’day nite by the sea

its bloody bondi beach, aint it…?

yeah sure

yeah thar she blows

yeah cool

yeah ok

nighty night

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