posted on March 30, 2016 at 4:00 pm
in the wake up

in the wake up

in some deterministic universe

someone is waiting out there for me to write these words

in some cafe where its morning

in some happy time before now where my memory drifts

but the present spits me out here in coogee nsw

the 1980s are finally and safely over

i appear sitting here banging away at a computer far from my native land

hey i look alright in a not too bright light

yeah i been doing music over the last few days

finishing off the speed of the stars

which is me and FXK from ireland

this man is a dreamy character

we cook up some great new tunes for our record

barton price comes in and plays some excellent drums

what a total pro!

its great seeing a brand new piece of music  come to life

my intuition is working well i guess

this very pleasant music comes out easy when it does come

anyway that was yesterday and tonight it is now

so much happening so much standing still

saturday night is still out there and happening i suppose

we can imagine it even if we do not try

one million cold beers and one hundred thousand joints

countless pills n all the rest of it

things are very foggy out there in the mental plane

the red lights of a taxi blur to a crucifix

driving around looking for parties and drugs and music

i stay at home

as hours rush by then cascading slowly

my whole life has left me tired and burnt

what need of any company have i..?

i ask myself and receiving no reply

i wonder why

from my window i hear the big engines roaring down on the seaside strip

and planes flying in to land at mascot airport

next door in a garden some cooing lovebirds their exaggerated laughter

fragments of music on the night

and the tattoo parlour where you can get skulls and roses and snakes and devils

and the massage place you put your boots under the bed…

and shop thats open in the morning but closed at night

and another which is the opposite



ok its wednesday afternoon and i just remembered this

it will remain unfinished i guess






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