posted on February 18, 2012 at 9:50 pm

the author

out there

somewhere out there

in unknown places and rooms

in gardens and mirrors

is saturday night

full of drink and drugs

saturday night when things drift

when sprawling warm night

wild and lawless tho ever gentle

down by the shore and white hotel

in a hundred rooms

the sea breeze on naked flesh

a woman in a shower

a man waiting in a bed

a man jumps out of a cab

a woman in a bath drinking champagne

the parties throb and roar around the shore

people already plastered

dogs howl in black back yards

some repetitious deep thump in the earth miles off

laughter in the air caught up in strange echoes

laughter on the wind laughter in the pubs

laughter in the rooms at the hotel

laughter as someone watches a comedy on tv

i go for a swim in the tepid green sea

i swim lazy a stoned martyr

i drift or rise over small waves

i see the sandy seabed and grey silver fish swimming inside the nets

my mind says swim harder but my body rebels

some other mind is second guessing me i guess

but who guesses …me or the other….and how would you know….?

saturday night is a glittery valley full of blurry stars

the salty air is corroding everything …metal and spiritual

resolutions dissolved in the sea light

memory of unending summer rolled out each year

donkey rides and ghost stories

saturday night was a wild card a loose canon

saturday night in minuscule microcosm

pizza beer drive crash arrest

pot tv toast pot tv toast

sex sleep sex sleep

food wine taxi club hotel internet bed

i wander in the periphery of night

a marginal twilight where us poets stumble

saturday night is a beast we relish in spades

and we spear it with our words of spleen

but it always comes back bigger and dumber

the police get called to a scene

some trouble in the domestics

some harsh words are thrown

some blows are spoken

everyone must blame each other

the night doesnt care one way or another

the night is warm and still young

its all out there waiting if ye can but find it

all the brothels all the casinos

all the night clubs embroiled with strife

all the numbing noise of a million songs

competing in the ether for life

i touch reality i move thru time

soon too soon it all comes to a head

saturday night in the vale of tears

saturday night in the early century

we rush towards a midnight

i can feel them willing it

midnight appears to each in a new guise

to the lovers midnight is gentle

to the widow midnight is hard

to the child midnight is full of horrors

to the weary man midnight is a sweet release

saturday night bursts at it seems

it seems important it seems somehow permanent

the seaside is full of toughs from the exterior

and they flock to the ocean and the pop up bars

but that was our yesterdays full of saturday

saturdays full colour in glorious glow

tonight makes me suddenly tired

i must abjure

into this deep night









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