posted on March 27, 2010 at 9:45 am

tonight is the most perfect night
the temperature is finally exquisitely skintone
the air is so full of promises and temptations
the water oh its blacker than black
a silvery mist slides over the mysterious moon
music pulsates off in some distances
oh the hedonist with his phials of powder
his pills and his shots
all that white flesh at loves command
as midnight turns its deepest blue
find me in me red lit room
twinkling in the stubborn darkness
flying like a fucking feather
i am driven insane by it all
the trees outside so in love with the sky oh my
i cant believe the leaves as they flash in the moon
i whip my hands towards the floorboards
i dance around the threshold quite oblivious to payne
i cook up a spell or 2 oh yes of my own
i lay down
turn into a snake who slithers through the cracks
i sink my fangs into the futures ankle
hanging on like grimms death
oh sydney come alive tonight
money everywhere
its so close as this
money money money
feel it changing hands
feel it greasing palms
trees on again
luxury motors
wow my own jag-u-ar
i fucking speed through the crimson lights
i accelerate down the neptune parades
i crash through the gears as i spin round ante clockwise
otherwise we might
the perfect night
give it up
give it out
give it something good or what
i arrive at a party dressed in a crazy fucking suit
i got sunglasses in the autumn misty night
i cant see nothing in front of me but our silvery moony mist
ooh the pool must be heated
i see a dark shadow slide under the water
a star suddenly falls across midnight
something says beware in my head
beware it said
we truck inside i have a big drink
i pull out my eye-phone it rings incessantly
i listen to my messages laughing out loud
some woman sidles up to me and tops up my big drink
i snack on the bluest corn chips the reddest salsa
the greenest guacamole the whitest aioli the yellowest fries
the blackest coffee
the strangest loudest music
hey man says a man
he offers me something
hell yeah whatever ever that is
hey what was that ? i ask ten minutes later
i been standing staring at the moon in rapture
somebody laughs
i feel my credit card in my pocket
lovingly i finger its little numerical ridges
oh who would believe the bullshit you write…?
sneers some grotty snotty bitch i fear more than hell
i make the smallest gesture
and her sorry ass gets thrown outta there
back to the cloying pond of socialites
doesnt any one around here understand
i have only so much patience
i roll a dice for half a million
too bad my #s are elusive
the people in the sauna are stabbing my back
but thanks to clairaudience i hear every last word
yeah the white powder of gold
in the innermost sanctum of the waterfront mansion
where i abandon all caution and
sit face to face with our gracious host
he plies me with the finest substances and stories
he is handsomely ugly but very very charming
i am dazzled by his evil eyes which focus on me unwaveringly
the hostess of this soiree sits by his side
beautifully cruel and wicked she is quietly observing
the music throbs his impeccable playlist
oh! i gush
i knew youd like that he says
sydney yeah
isnt it warm i say to the woman
yeah its very….warm…. she says at last
the clocks tick
the midnight stalls
locked into a conjunction
neither night nor early morning
the day cannot begin
the evening cannot end
all the drugs come on at once
this is the fucking magic someone near my ear says
of course i look theres no one there
thats him ! points some angry man at me
a dozen fingers point at me
thats him there yeah
thats him i tell you says the original angry man
the original one n only tempestuous outraged furious angry man
hes dressed in pinstripes and velvet red or something
thats him he says over and over
the host shrugs sadly
no i say faintly
no i say to the silvery mist sliding on the moon
thats him says the angry man
there is no doubt he says
this could be bad says the host
turn off that camera please says the hostess
shes pointing at you
give me that film
she extends her hand
now please
reluctantly you obey
and then quickly
head off into that perfect sydney night
saturday night in sydney
good night

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