posted on January 10, 2009 at 8:26 am

kilbey this
kilbey that
get me another kilbey……
my kilbeys been tampered with…
kilbey said what?
boom boom boom
the boom has burst
live long the new boom
let it bloom again
let the flowers be strewn
dionysus rides in
on a milk white ass
ectstatic rites
the revellers come
the mysteries
as night falls down on us
hot and surrounding
i surrender to drink
yes i lose my head
yes i cant believe the things that we do
the moon so soon
grecian night full of gods
bass guitar pounds in my nerves
i separate and cool off
i evaporate from skin
in the black and harshness
weaving and dealing
giddy lidded middle man
lurching from one thing to the next
hammer on hammer off
a lyre is blearily plucked
someone laughs nearby
in the distance there is a scream
in the sacred groves
the slave girl from thrace….
is she too an initiate?
lover and handmaiden
to the handsome god of wine
under a spell of love
under a sky of stars
i no longer kilbey
voices whisper in the night
i sit stroking a lion
i eat a peach
i under the trees
i mingle freely with unhumans
i move like an arrow in a glade
i disappear into your flesh with a grunt
i follow the white light out of my skull
i die
i remain
i die
i remain
i strip down to my mansuit
i entertain momentous thought
i collect myself again
i appear before you at your prayers
supplicating before krishna
petitioning lady maria venus
i wake up in some future morning bewildered
look in the mirror
some new stranger
his eyes black n huge
his look wild n dissolute

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