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graven imaged

in nordic graveyards where heroes are buried

gardens of the long gone dead

that sorrowful northern light

a single bird song in the twilights that linger on

oh this is as lonely as you can be

this is somewhere different

this cold cold water clear and under the bridge

old peasant types up against the nouveau riche

theres this lovely smell in all the shops and malls

the bathrooms all look the same no matter where you go

the lollies oh so good believe me

everything here in sodermalm is kinda top notch i’d say

and prices too

soder is like paddington in sydney i guess

you know that art cool expensive part of town that once was working class

anyway a pair of shorts on sale was about 200 bucks

(glad they was on sale …imagine the full price….!)

i eat at a veggie place called chutney on katarinabansgatan

that might be misspelt …..i apologise

the food is good and the atmosphere is….

its like being in someones cosy house

conversation is low

they have settees with red velvet cushions

theres interesting art and eastern religious figures on wall

there is NOTHING like this in sydney

the food a bit pricey but youd pay this at home too

everything is kinda top rate

thats hard to explain but australia and england are more shoddy

of course the reverse side of non shoddiness is its more straight too

but the swedes are kind of dependable people

not given to hysterical rubbish

(unless young blokes who are extremely drunk)

swedes are tending towards calm reason and fairness

even the many swedish dealers thieves and prostitutes

that i become friends with in my darkest days on earth

they were reasonable dealers thieves and prostitutes

they did what they did but it had a kind of layer of sordidness removed

the swedes do not think like us

many make the mistake to think that they do

but they do not

in some ways elektra and miranda are aliens to me

they see things from a point of view that is in their genes

you can maybe acquire a little if you live here

i already had grokked the nordic mojo when i was a kid

man i loved my norse mythology like a rabid fan

boy those stories seemed so familiar to me

they werent mythology to me like some dusty scholarly thing…

full of betrayal lust trickery and intrigue

people look here for the real genesis of tolkien and game of thrones

and you see the characters in norse mythology

well they are so fucking scandanavian

the gods and goddesses

they way they see n do things

its a fatalistic almost hopelessly sad feeling

oh yeah of course mr i bergman got it on film

but i feel it at every moment of every day

that longing

my longing to stay here much much longer

can you imagine i have 2 swedes of my own for daughters

they fascinate me

i see all members of both parents faces sometimes flash across them

some incredible computer figured out all the best DNA we had

chucked it together and produced them

but they are their own girls

they have gravitas

and they have that same skandic thing

that sad detachment

that reminds me of the elves in lord of the rings

the swedes are a handsome and beautiful lot

girls in fishnchip shops whod surely be models somewhere else

guys at starbucks who look like every rockstar ever but with blond dreads

serving coffee

no ones even looking at him

if that guy lived in sydney he’d be the lead singer of some newtown band

for sure

its overcast and coldish

this will make the swedes sad if it keeps up

these people need their fucking summer

and its a bummer if it never comes

sweden in summer is the nicest place on earth i swear

if you can get in with some swedes (or turnips ha ha)

and you get out to the summer house in the country

man after youve wound down you will love it

often with no electricity

candle lit meals outside in the daylight lasting till eleven

swimming in the cold brown lakes

the profound and holy silence of the gods forest

to me the archetypal swedish type is max von sydow in seventh seal

a handsome tragic uncomplaining doing his best to keep his head

cautious and alarmed by extreme behaviour

a little skeptical but underneath that sometimes

a desperate search for spirit

but the swedes are tuned into the weather

and some are tuned into a quite otherworldly gracefulness

until smoking drinking and eating rather lots of meat ruins it for them

oh and smoking loads of cigs and drinking lots of milk and cream

but by and large the people look younger than elsewhere

i guess thats the cold and long winters which preserve

personally sweden makes me feel very cosy and safe

although i know that is an illusion

it is the most sane place (in many ways) that you  ever go to

they look after people here children old people migrants everybody

its not like it used to be

but humanism certainly prevails

it isnt about a bunch of power drunk fatcats at the top

its different here although

they have a silly royal family

the princess christened her daughter

and the papers recounted every last detail

going over n over pathetic little snippets about shoes and bibs

and all these other royals from europe in medals n stuff

medals for what?

the king has been quite a naughty boy too

with a penchant for very rocknroll kinda things

strip clubs popsingers wild parties

how can ya take a king like that seriously ?

seriously if i was the king i wouldnt do stuff like that

he doesnt deserve it .hes a real twerp

kick em all out (but you’d decimate tourism !)

i reckon its day will have to come

swedes following their nose for progressive socialism

will one day ask the royal gooseballs to stand down

maybe a grandson of mine will marry a future princess

or a granddaughter will marry a norwegian duke

then i’ll be all for it! yes sir!

of course i’ll be the old guy in the admirals get up n medals

hanging around at weddings n things in europe

and spending christmas with the aga khan



if i had to leave australia then i would live here

it is still a very sane and civilised country





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