posted on September 21, 2010 at 10:30 pm

scarlet father

bar starred

scarlets had a nap n now she cant get to sleep

she stalks through the house wide awake

i like this music she says

the music is weird though

what else?

my life is weird too

last night i was on bondi fm

a tiny booth in the middle of a restaurant……..?!

a radio station i play ancient world, providence, almost with you, wolfe

i have a chat to the 2 geezas on there

they ask some curly questions

theres loadsa people walking round with joints beers n guitars

i get a lemon lime n bitters

i’m over alcohol

(i did have 2 sakes at margots birthday bash at raw bar)

i play my songs with gusto

fuck people really like the ancient world

should be a number one

had the dj’s singing along

scarlet demands a chocolate eclair

and paces about

she is definitely a genius and shes a real hassler

shes gotta do it her way

shes packs a lot of clout for a four year old

today me n doodles have a swim at bronte pool

it was cold n there was no sauna

ive been asked to judge a pastel competition

if i can get home in time from kilbey/maymi/hoffmen gig

thats right in melbournes ding dong club

fuck we’re gonna be good too

i can feel it a mile off

the most tasteful players you ever heard

shaun hoffmen like a controlled demolition on the drums

son adrian on bass n backing vox another boy wonder

then of course

ricky miami who never puts a foot wrong

we’re gonna be good

we’re not playing sydney

just this one gig

so get yer asses down there

because ricky n the boys are my band du jour

you wanna hear my solo songs n jack frost done properly?

scarlet scribbling in a book

scarlet still cant sleep

c,mon  scarlet its 10 03

but scarlet does not care for parental guidance

shes larger than life

a little girl with a big presence

a chip off the old shoulder

she waves the remote around under my nose

how we sposed to watch tv she whispers

we cant watch any movies

we cant watch any tv can we ?

then she does a weird little rumplestiltskin dance

rolling her eyes

stamping her little triangular feet

shes like an imp from the brothers grimm

a little homunculus from lyonesse perhaps

she doesnt eat much but shes a solid robust child

like a child from the old days

shes writing in her diary from the easter show

then she hugs my shins devotedly i laugh

dont laugh at me she says

she thrusts this book in my face

whos maisy ? she asks

then she plays with her toes

i got a splinter under my toes she says mournfully

jesus i’m tired tonight

i dread scarlets gonna wanna sleep in my bed with me

she snores and grabs n kicks all night

shes quite a character

i mean shes hi jacked my blogge now n everything

the comfort of my olde age

this fantastic little creature who cant sleep

i have 2 shredded wheat with rice milk n raw sugar

scarlet has a glass of chocolate sustagen

she keeps up a steady stream of questions

what with her mumbling n my tinnitus

i can hardly make out what shes saying

so she gets mad with me

fer crying out loud its 10 22….

shes still going strong

she looks like elizabeth taylor

but she acts like a real tricky little ratbag

she finds gadgets that make annoying noises

she mutters n sighs n ululates

she has loud arguments with her toys

i reckon she’ll make a good popsinger

or a good actress or a good painter

shes just got that strange aura about her

a kinda nascent charisma

a piercing look in her eye

a persuasive little voice

god i gotta go to bed now

and scarlet isnt  looking the least bit tired

not at all in fact…..

in spades as well

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