posted on January 31, 2007 at 8:34 pm

the book bully the doodles call her
a thug says nk
my oh my scarlet kilbey is turning into a right little miss
people who dont believe in reincarnation
should check out this creature
who must ‘ave been the queen of sheba in her last life
sometimes she reminds me of rumpelstiltskin
right after the millers daughter guesses his name
an livid little manikin stamping n shouting
doing a little angry dance
scarlet does not like to be thwarted
if shes crying cos shes angry n ya try to ameliorate the situation
she howls in outrage n fury…
you dare to offer me a bottle when im crying…WAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!
shes a serious baby
shes no giggling gurgling gertie
and when she calls out its in a big voice
like an opera singer shrunk to 2 n half foot
speaking her own lingo which sounds like a language to me
she wants to get on yer lap
she wants to touch that computer mister
and shes gonna get angry if you try to keep her hands off
you know i got 4 other kids
so im not just imagining
that little sk is a real determined person-in-her-own-right
she dont see herself as a baby thats for sure
and she dont wanna be palmed off with some namby pamby baby talk neither
scarlet hates anyone patronizing her
or talking down to her
and she has an angry howl that would cut thru ya
like uranium tipped bullets
shes got a big head
and a big broad face
her hair is wild
(her beethoven hair)
her face is pale
her smoky blue eyes are full of intelligence
and shes weighing ya up
and seeing if youre telling the truth
you already know about her weird witchdoctor dancing
and she nods her big head around slowly
like shes receiving directly from the spirit world
shes a monster at night
kicking n restlessly rolling about
shes on my lap right now
trying to touch the lapptopp
and shaking her head angrily when thwarted
sometimes she gives me soft thoughtful kisses on my wrist
other times she breaks into a pissed off wriggle
she likes to have her belly tapped like drum
she is very muscular
(like eve, who is extremely well muscled)
she has asserted herself as a new force to be reckoned with
she is no mere “baby” baybee
and ya gonna make her angry if you treat her like a kid
talk about the apple of my eye
i feel totally blessed to have been given guardianship
of this little creature
who is the joy n delight of my olde age
a little girl with gravitas
shes been around before
dont treat her like some johnny-come-lately, ok?
her favourite song is moon river
her favourite colour is scarlet
shes got her own agenda
ok i better stop now
she thinks that ive been on here long enough
see ya later
tonite its pen-riff
the western suburbs (gulp)
but we are missionaries of the space rock
we go where we are told
regardlss of personal risk
love killer

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