posted on December 28, 2011 at 10:00 pm

neo platonic noodle

i abdicate my throne by the ocean sure the waves still roll in

i command c shift

but then no control escape

i am english to the bone

a real angle

from germany originally

but these  isles hath changed me over hundreds of years

now i stand on this verdant earth a simple spirit

a creature of wood stream and dangling dream

i inhabit the pearled pastures of bag daddy prince

i walk through streets of your town clad in hints

i dont mince my worlds i don’t grade my dope

my  music trapped within the future that slowly thaws

fragile songlets snapped in birth pulled too hard from the thin air

i dream of the jean jeannie and genius genes between scenes

i sing U23 i sing P=A i sing for my uppers

i sing the stupid words some voice whispers in my ear

i appear and reappear

loved by old deers but my rents in arrears

he smiles more like sneers his miles in rearview dials

a smirky transparent apparent jester just a joker another bloke a

contestant a contender a pretender dim fog a cog in an axle

we turn and return we burn over terrain

we improve our grasp on a slippery truth hangs in a branch

on some tree of life

on an afternoon like this morning





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