posted on January 12, 2011 at 12:05 am

fallen into shadow

theres a war going on said the psychologist it was at the sun cafe a war ? i wondered…. between men n women he said surrealism i live it like a fish lives in ether it was already twenty eleven the traffic oozed past we were rehearsing p=a all my songs are coming true i knew how to play a simple instrument i knew how to chuck together mysterious words i was a collector of beautiful things living things almost nobody knew the real me but some did all my songs are coming true an uncivil war between the sexys its all too much for your poor little head she became her own song the song became her a mere child at a time tiny baby so naive i cant believe what you believe yeah wow how prescient ooh whats going on i yawn rather would have been wrong look here it is exactly the song is a mirror 20 years too late i sussed can i smell vodka…? you punctured my tyres you crossed all my wires i brand your acolytes as a pack of liars and the fire singing everywhere i yawn everybody ultraviolates ya in their own special way as unique as fingerprints or the green flashes in a retina the opposition has its terms and agenda the gentle gender sooner or later they give ya an ambush no i’m still sitting at the sun cafe the psychologist munches on his bruschetta he laughs man its fucking murder out there six string bass and opium where am i ? who turned out my lights im gulliver but not that gulliver universe runs out of space sheba into delilah atom into dust on some different level a new opening on some other phase on some other older page the enemy trojans n whores deiophobus baby he was some cat tried to have his helen earth by the scamander river in some summertime the living was easy christ look at us all juggling our opportunities the endless suitors will never string my bow mistress next mistress chaos next chaos who wrote these words and for whom well i dont have much time theres so much left to take its hard to know whats genuine and whats a genuine fake but wait theres more what about this i think theres something weird going on something unforeseen the best impression of a succubus i have ever seen have you seen succubi steve says the psychologist the sun cafe gets busier n busier i have this shake made out of some exotic fruit last nights kisses have faded from my lips my anger scorched my feelings a procession of women and songs the women vanish into futures i have forgotten them sometimes the song remains as an echo the songs are not about you and me only honey though whatever that is presently escapes me never disregard the ambiguity of the word you you singular you plural we have known you and me ┬áby the thousands i cannot bear to share you we cant be alone babys whos writing this stuff? insert your own pronouns here its mine its yours its every fucking bodies funny how eventually opposites become alike naturally alikes become opposite isnt that some genius who said that? i wasnt born yesterday but i was reborn last night you (plural) must think i (singular) a few songs short of a cd i mean cmon appropriate this i didnt wanna come here nowi dont wanna go is there some string attached to this as if you would tell me so everything is endlessly applicable everything must go amoral for this tale? i will continue to drift then i had one hundred babys and some hated me i had one hundred babys and some didnt care i had one hundred babys and some of em loved me so much it burnt us both funny how the end result is always the same though moonlight n fighting with the night its a rip off he asks you did you like my show as if he really wants to know he is me right you is you wrong in my reverie # 4321 i am standing on some stage dressed up in my tux singing strangers in the night the syrupy words curdle in my hard ass brain i spat out some of an old french poets bile at the sun cafe is some lady done up in a folkloristic get up she reads my tarot confirming all my worst suspicions there is much you do not know all your songs are coming true she says in her egypsy accent ride the rollercoaster for all that its worth live it all up to the hilt if you cant take it with you away from this earth might as well take it full tilt you thought you were white lightnin’ when you stole my thunder yes you yes you yes you yes you n you n you why cant i feel it is it just a lie we all get our next convenient rationale alls fair in love and war and well just about anything really in nebuchanezzars parking zone calls out my lord your end is nigh i didnt mean to make you cry there are gashes in my side project there are gushes of praise gnashing of teeth crashing of systems it all ends up in the same place lose something else you didnt realise you had find something out here again dont stare shadows in the smoke whispering everywhere beware an old flame is still smouldering there still umm……

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