posted on August 25, 2010 at 7:12 am

the human gargoyle gazes down from notre damn

old kilbey old stargazer old bastard face from outta space

look at ‘im  darlin’ its that fucking kilbey

yeah life dealing to me from bottom of the deck

yeah i still manage to sing  a brand new song

oh man you got it easy kilbey

no famine no plague no war on vandals

no disaster befalleth thee

who is thy enemy but me….?

not so

i face a foe whose stronger than just my stupid self

you cant kill it with a shot or a knife

insidious  perfidious ubiquitous

almost invisible   almost no smell

almost undetectable you think

almost you think

you almost think

so hard to fight you : where are you…?

i am everywhere

what do you want from us?

everything you have

what it is you demand?

you know what i demand

yes i know

you demand to be fed

you demand mornings you demand afternoons

you demand children you demand happiness

you demand dignity you demand pride

you demand money you demand lies

you demand theft you demand anger

you demand sickness you demand chaos

i hate you

i hate you evil spirit

i hate you i always hated you

yeah i seen your work everywhere all my life

i seen your wreckage

i seen your tragic trail as you lurch through humanity

i seen the poor fuckers you sucked dry

i seen the poor suckers you fucked over

where do you live , alcoholic spirit?

i live somewhere between the body and the mind

you cannot stop me with hatred

you cannot stop me with fury

you cannot stop me with appeals to reason

you cannot get your hands round my neck

i am elusive i am tricky i am a liar

i am a destroyer i am almost unstoppable

i claim who i choose and i send ’em down until you lose

i take youth i take health i take wealth i take friends i take all

what can i do

oh what can i do?

you can do nothing

even in fighting me you give me strength

i pick up momentum every time you rail against me

i laugh at your tears

i laugh at your torment

and i get bigger and i get stronger

and i burn like a blaze inside

and i consume your lives

and i consume your love

and i burn until there is nothing left

and i move on

on and on and on

and no one


yeah but i gotta keep trying, spirit

i gotta keep trying…….

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