posted on February 3, 2012 at 5:18 pm

wholly profit


entrance to another continuum

i see it before me in sepia

desert star city flower blood wine iron flesh

the great pretender my crown usurper

i wove through the reeds hidden from sight

i move through the grove in golden light

my concubine number nine divine

as our minds entwine in knowledge of abandon

the trees bleed white leaves for my liege love

land lady to the sea

every man now lay down your labour

bring forth endless poems and songs

in my tower insane i conjure up music

yes music had not been extant before on this plane

i start with music dragged from the triple world

the screams of hell

the sighs of earth

the soft laughter of heaven

i beat sound into new shapes

i set it free from my battlements

oh my song go on for long time

hunting down men and women

flying through the deepest forest

where sad children hide

there flourisheth my song

it doth pierce the side of nightmare black

my song travel up your spine

my song is barbed hooked and sharp

it enters you zinging your pingi

i weave my briton ancestors will into my work

i will subjugate the conqueror

i will serve the one and true god

he who may provideth my best victory

the trees are sacred to me

yes i do know and love their spirits

i see them dancing in the magic of opium shadows

i hear their weird voices sing my song back

the druids from whose loins i sprang were attuned

attuned like the rishis

attuned like the dervish

attuned like the gnostic

attuned like the medicine man and shaman ron

attuned like some buddha levitating in crimson

attuned like vishnu whose glory is incomprehensible

attuned like jesus the reader of hearts

whoever you were sir jesus what a man

jesus went to the garden of gilgamesh

he said hey cats take it easy

he said hey come on lets help one another

he said hey cmon try to be nice

he said some other stuff too but i wasnt there


where was i that day…? someone asks

i was tailor sewing a thread

i was a norseman soon to be dead

i was a trader making good bread

i was woman with a beautiful head

i was a child crippled in bed

i was a an old hag all dressed in red

no none of its true i just dont know

i digress and digress

i can write whatever i like

i can go wherever it takes me

now you see my mind in horror scope

zoom in and out

move your cursor to my memory bank

select desired item

simply enter your code in column thirteen

and soon victory will be yours

kingdoms will unravel at your feet

you will sweep worlds before your scimitar

women will comfort you in your generous quarters

from my private stock of drowsy nepenthe

i have selected a block drop of oblivion

drink up my friends

i am here to sing you the lay of Excelon and Etiene

i am here with my computer orchestra of minions

we touch a switch we increase the poignancy quotient

unbearable brightness shine upon soul

we kneel before our saviour but she has no name

we cannot see through this great effulgence

daughter of sand mother of moon

all mortals exit this theatre too soon





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