posted on January 30, 2008 at 12:36 am

persian aramaic and hebrew
i knew them once
i was able to do anything
a man a child
a woman a crone
a baby a corpse
is everything alive?
depends on what you mean by alive
the amoebae living their life a million times faster
the rocks a million times slower
we dont understand each other
what hope do we have of understanding other life-forms
nk reads the crystal bible
the phone rings
i know its ricki ringing
i shoulda said hiya ricki
but im still not following my hunches
im seeing the future
the power to heal is returning to me
thats right
i can channel something out there
chi or prana or light
this is a side effect of yoga and chi gong one presumes
my lemurian crystal is my familiar my wand my talisman
i am in love with it
last nite tired of the cough troubling my wife
i had her lie there in the moonlight
and using the crystal
i blasted and fought the malevolence behind the infection
everything is happening on every level
get that thru yer thick western head
there is no single accurate version
a disease, a cough for example
is a bacterial or viral blah blah in yer lungs n tubes
yes it is
is it only that?
is anything only one thing?
or does each object each being
extend across multiple fields for example:
you fight an enemy on all battlefields, right?
my crystal and i
by dint of the sunlight and moonlight it has absorbed
by dint of the love i put into it
by dint of the trust and faith i have filled it with
this battery this cell this transformer
discharging it into my dear wifes irritated lungs
my crystal shot out its laserlike stream of lovelight
it feels like a cold point says nk
as i run the crystal anticlockwise around her
pulling the bastard spirit out
and clockwise
screwing a zillion volts of cosmic mojo n ooomph
its a joke i say
those things in there dont have a hope
she finished her antibiotics but still feels affected
so i gave the cough the fucking what-for
i could feel us both filling with light
like rivers filling when a dam gate is opened
the perpetual white cosmic light surrounds us
the golden energy and fire of the earth
the watery healing of the great ocean the Pacific
i rub my hands to produce heat
i lay them on
i feel it passing through my hands
into her
the thing hates it
the dark stupid vicious thing
the useless cough
what is it?
i dunno
i dont care either
but like all lies
it hates the light
it hates the warmth
it hates the love i have for my wife
it scurries away inside her
and i try to locate it and burn it
and dissolve it
eventually she stops coughing
not completely
but quite noticeably
today shes coughing a little
you cant expect a big miracle
you can start with a small one though
she agrees the coughs back is broken
it needs a booster shot i guess
i’ll try n zap the mother a littlemore today
believe me
everything is connected
there are consequences
it is worth being good
it is worth being kind
love really is all you need i guess
not just in a song
but for everyone

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