posted on October 12, 2010 at 9:44 pm

reflections of my life

the velvet separates inside the nights mouth

the dream takes out its claws

we fall behind and with tender whips we are urged on

heralds scour the plains and the forests searching for something so elusive

my net is empty yet it vibrates with yesteryears trembling tidbits

the sea today reminds one of an orb  it talks in turquoise

elongation of love

cancellation of hate

erudition as her edition

got you some fortune tell her

its a lost world lost immobile

choices are like at a premium

what can you do ? asks a voice in another room

my bass sits in its silvery case grumbling about inactivity

i munch on lollies

a cross between a national treasure n old fraud

the tropic of capricorn where the other one waits

the bermuda triangle shorts out

i am unaligned for now inside this life

people seek to sway your opinion

theres a knock at the door

an indian girl selling electricity

whattya think of that boy krsna ? i ask

oh hes too frickin’ cool ! she says laying out my customer contract

hey girl can you dig vishnu ? i ask

oh yeah hes the most ! she says having me initial each page

i stumble outside and float down neptune st

i bump into bobby smalls who deals some drugs and plays the organ

hes laughing in his lincoln green hood and nodding gently

hey smallsy  i say from underneath my headphones pumping david neil

the twilight is unsettling as it enters from the wings

from the wings of a huge black bird which is in itself what we call space

i hear people all around in the chatter we are receiving

nothing comes up when i type in my code

its cold down here by the lagoon infested dragon

some small gulls leave the scene crying mournfully

sudden piercing pain in my head almost blindsides me

in white hot agony some apollo appears

oh i better go to bed

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