posted on January 28, 2009 at 10:03 pm

too thousand plus nine
temp : 117 degrees
altitude : cruising, thank you
destination : yet to be confirmed
mission : to lose myself within 4 songs
while simultaneously getting l’audience off

this only will be accomplished by giving it my all
tonight hamer hall
i must be marvellous yes
but i must subsume myself
to the greater purpose:
the transcendence of l’audience
its not about me
i am a cog in a big mechanism
wow they gotta lotta players
biggest band i ever played with
2 drummers
2 keyboardists
up to 6 or 7 guitarists
2 violinsts
i cellist
i bass player (but what a player)
sometimes electric vibes
and a whole bunch of singers
a three hour plus extravaganza
a crash course in the genius of dave mccomb
if you aint crying at the end of this…….
rehearsed yesterday
if its as good as it was yesterday tonight
i’ll be well pleased
when i sing these songs
i release some inner beasts
and they come roaring up to the surface
kicking out that smirking detached kilbey
and replacing him with some charged up
souped up
geed up
wow but they are great songs to sing
you can never love yer own songs
the way you love anybody elses
its not possible
my own songs ….ah i know how they were done
other people songs i can lose myself in
i play a part
but the part swallows me up
i am amazed everytime i open my eyes
i’m just singing a song
i hope the triffids extravaganza
comes to a town near you
cos this is like the last waltz or rolling thunder revue or sumthing
i got butterflies n goosebumps
just sitting here
dressed in a towel
in some hotel just behind the gig
its already hotter than than the billy-o
(a line from a song i sing tonight
summer vacation n its 40 degrees)
time for yoga
lunch meeting
wait around
wait around
wait around
knock knock knock…mr kilbey……..

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